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16 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for a Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. I have always loved this time of the year, especially as I grew up in a village in the middle of the mountains, Winters there are associated with so many vivid memories never-ending snowball battles (which only ended when someone gave up due to gloves too soaked and fingers nearly on the edge of hypothermia), hot chocolate pretty much every afternoon after school, eating mum's homebaked biscuits while sitting by the fire, sledging, running in beautiful snow-covered woods and so much more. Christmas for me is still all that, even though a cheeky glass of punch or red wine has sometimes substituted warm chocolate beverages.

One thing that I really don’t like about this particular time of the year is how wasteful it can be though. People buying each other so many unnecessary gifts, mostly wrapped in plastic and without a real purpose, that usually end up in closets completely unused and forgotten or even worse, thrown away with the terrible destiny of finishing into a landfill.

 This year why not decide to get your loved ones meaningful gifts that are not only practical and useful but also kind to the planet and sustainable? They won’t only look amazing but will also raise awareness of the importance to all take eco-friendly, conscious actions to protect our beautiful planet.

 To help out and take away the stress of having to buy something rubbish last-minute, check out our list of the best 16 eco-friendly gift ideas! 

Happy sustainable Christmas everyone!



The easiest swap to a zero-waste lifestyle, solid soap bars are also a fantastic idea for a present. But not all soap bars are born equal, and plastic wrapping is only one of the elements to consider when choosing the right one. My best tip is to think about your body and what you really think can keep it healthy, as well as clean. Stay away from harsh chemicals and synthetic dyes that can easily irritate your skin and dehydrate the epidermis. Choose soaps that are made with natural ingredients and fresh smells, and choose smaller makers rather than big corporations' brands as the chances are, they are probably offering a much better soap both in terms of quality, durability and also impact on the environment. Look for aloe vera, coconut and glycerine!


lavender soap bar

This lavender soap is perfect for any lavender lover, thanks to the essential oil and lavender buds used to make it, it will release a soothing atmosphere in the shower or bath. It is also great as an exfoliating body scrub.

Buy it HERE


organic soap on a rope

If you are searching for a lovely scented handmade soap with a twist, soaps on a rope are what you need! A modern twist of the 7os old favourite, we can’t have enough of this sandalwood and bergamot one, but it's only one of many scents available, all absolutely delightful and that will conquer everyone, literally!

Buy your favourite one HERE



organic cotton roduce bags

Why not use Christmas presents as an opportunity to spread your sustainable lifestyle to family and friends, without sounding too pushy or pressure them into changes they are yet not ready to make? The best way is to lead by example, and it was a small produce bag gifted to me by a friend that kickstarted my journey to a less wasteful life! They will love them, as they are not only super useful but also esthetically really pretty!

Get a set of 3 organic produce bags in 3 different sizes HERE.



 If you want to buy something eye-catching, smelling great and incredibly useful all at the same time, look no further. The perfect gift for your best friend or sister who loves her hair but doesn’t want to hurt the environment, a set of shampoo bar, conditioner and hair rinse is everything she needs for a truly eco-friendly hair care routine!

 Our favourites:


solid shampoo primal suds

It doesn’t matter if you have oily, normal or dry hair, coloured or natural locks. Primal Suds has a solution for everyone, and their shampoos are not only great for your hair but also really cool looking with their iron age fun theme!

Buy the one most suited for the desired hair type HERE


Eco friendly conditioners

These conditioners by Bain and Savon, produced in the UK using natural flowers from their own beautiful Cumbria garden, come in 2 types, for normal and dry/damaged hair.


vinegar hair rinse 

A great beauty secret, using an acidic hair rinse after washing your hair is an invaluable step in your natural shampoo bar routine. The acid in these types of rinses, which usually have a vinegar base, get rid of build up and residue on both your scalp and hair shaft, while at the same times softening the cuticles and giving them a healthy-looking, shiny texture.

 Choose the one that is most suited for your friends (or your) hair type HERE.



Travelling cutlery set

The perfect present for your friend who loves travelling and is always on the go, this bamboo cutlery set is the ultimate eco-friendly gift for those who are always on the move, and want to avoid single-use plastic. It comes with a reusable fork, knife and spoon, as well as a super cute bamboo straw and its cleaning brush, to protect both turtles and our beloved marine life from unnecessary plastic waste.

Buy it HERE and choose from 2 different pouch styles



eco friendly cleaning brushes 

Long are the days when buying your loved ones a kitchen gadget was looked down as old school or inappropriate. Gifts that are functional in the kitchen are now among the most popular presents at Christmas and birthdays, not only due to their stylish sleak designs but also because of the different perspective people have when it comes to purposeful gifts.

 There is an alternative for everyone, from colourful funky eco-sponges for your sister-in-law who is always finding Pinterest inspirations for her kitchen, to coconut dish brushes and wooden sisal ones for your parents, to a super handy coconut bottle brush to your brother who never leaves the house without a reusable bottle brush.

By your favourite eco-brush HERE



natural vegan moisturiser

Who doesn’t love a good moisturising lotion under the tree for Christmas? And even better, why not make it completely plastic free and with zero chemicals? It’s the perfect present for mums and daughter alike, because let’s be honest, we all love fresh looking smooth skin right?

You can even create a special selection with these different scents. Our favourites? Orange and bergamot with its fruity, sparkling citrus aroma, and Ylang Ylang and Lavender, for an exotic and vibrant fragrance. 

Buy it HERE



Bamboo safety razor

The best present for both him and her, this stainless steel safety razor with a stylish bamboo handle is the ultimate gender-neutral eco-present, great for men’s shaving as well as women epilation. It comes with a pack of 10 stainless steel blades, 100% recyclable. A present that will last forever and will rid the planet of those wasteful disposable plastic razors!

Buy it HERE



Eco friendly bamboo soap dish

This is the perfect gift for any loved one who loves stylish details in every corner of their homes. There is nothing better than a natural wooden bamboo soap rack, made with MOSO bamboo without the use of any pesticides and chemicals. The bamboo is renowned for its natural antibacterial property, that will keep your artisanal soap or shampoo bar protected and completely hygienic.

 Available in multiple styles, buy your favourite one HERE



beeswax wraps

Cling film is one of the worst polluting culprits in our kitchen. The best sustainable substitute for it is a reusable and 100% compostable wax wrap. Made with beeswax wraps and other natural oils, they come in different sizes and patters. Choose from a starter kit, a bread wrap, a lunch pack or even a brand new vegan set, made with 100%plast-based wax and organic cotton!

Buy it HERE



ecofriendly mother and baby products 

For the newly green mum, make this Christmas even more special with a present that will show how much you both love her and the planet.

 From reusable breastfeeding pads, to baby and nipple balms, and even colourful organic cotton bibs and wet bags, choose the product you like the most or get a pre-made baby and mama gift set, you’ll make some happy mama this Christmas, and out planet will thank you for it!

Make some happy mama and baby by clicking HERE



organic soapnuts

If you haven’t heard about these miraculous Indian berries, it’s time to catch up! Native of the mountainous region of the Himalaya in India, these nuts are rich of a natural substance called saponin, that when in contact with hot water becomes a wonderful organic laundry detergent. Indigenous people have used these soap berries, especially the Muknossi variety, for centuries as a way to wash clothes, make shampoos and soaps. It will definitely win you the prize for best Christmas present at your secret Santa in the office!

Buy organic soapnuts HERE



bamboo toothbrush 

The easiest way to convince even your habitual uncle to swap their oral care tools to more sustainable options is to gift them with a bamboo toothbrush. Unlike their plastic counterparts easily found in any supermarket isles, these ones can be composted at the end of life instead of ending up in landfills. We love these classy ones by Truthbrush, all with medium plant-based bristles and available in 4 colours, petal pink, storm grey, olive green and natural white.

Oh, they also have tiny baby toothbrush for the little ones too, with soft bristle and 2 colours, sunshine yellow and natural white!

Buy your compostable bamboo toothbrush HERE


reusable sanitary pads

Did you know that an average woman typically goes through around 200kg of disposable sanitary pads, tampons and applicators during her menstruating life? This is an insane number if you think all the period pads widely available on the market are not only single-use, but also can’t be recycled.

Why not getting your trendy and eco-warrior friend a set of reusable sanitary pads? They are washable and reusable, and come in lovely flowery designs!



 eco friendly make up

Always a favourite under the Christmas tree, the make up industry doesn’t really shy away from plastic, creating tons of unrecyclable packaging every year. Why not choose an ethical brand instead, which not only avoid all the nasty chemicals and offers top quality products, but also offers eco-friendly and even re-fillable packaging!

Check this fantastic range of sustainable foundations, eye shadows, mascaras, eye liners and even lipstick here. And whilst you are at it, why not add reusable cotton make up pads as well?  Aren’t they the prettiest ideas for a great present?

Buy them HERE



konjac eco friendly sponge 

Nature is truly amazing! Did you know that you can make sponges and exfoliators out of cucumbers, potatoes and agave plants? The best gift for your vegan friend who also loves a nice bath is one (or all) of these naturally derived sponges: loofahs are great for body scrubbing, Konjact sponges are the best thing for a gentle facial exfoliation, and soap pouches will get rid of all toxins and dead skin cells under the shower! Who wouldn’t want one of those for Christmas??

 Buy the best natural exfoliators HERE



reusable water bottle

Probably one of the most useful present for pretty much everyone (we all get thirsty when out of the house right!), reusable water bottles are also a fantastic product to get started on a more sustainable lifestyle, and avoid the massive waste generated by single-use plastic bottles.

We absolutely love these elegant stainless steel ones, with bamboo cap and loop to carry them around easily.

Available in 500 ml and 750 ml size HERE


Too short of time to browse and try and find the perfect present for all your loved ones? Have a look at our pre-made eco-friendly gift sets, there is something perfect for everyone! (AVAILABLE FROM THE 19TH NOVEMBER!)

Happy eco-holidays anybody! 

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