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Natural Conditioner bars - organic, handmade, no SLS and parabens

Discover our conditioner bars, perfect to revitalise your hair after using one of our lovely solid shampoos. We have liquid and solid conditioners, suitable for normal hair, damaged or dry hair, and oily hair. Choose the one most suitable for your hair type, they are all free of parabens, SLS and palm oil. All plastic free, vegan and made in the UK by small sustainable brands.

Conditioner bar: A plastic free solution to condition your hair the eco-way.

Conditioner bars are such an easy eco-swap, and combined with shampoo bars, they offer our hair some much needed extra conditioning without adding any extra polluting agents to the environment. 

Combine it with one of our natural soap bars, or a natural shampoo bar.

The benefits of natural solid conditioners:

1. They are very concentrated and packed with organic, natural ingredients so a tiny amount of conditioner bar will be enough to moisturise and hydrate your hair and will make your solid conditioner last a very long time
2. The conditioning bars we stock on the site are all made with natural ingredients. No parabens, no SLS or synthetic chemicals that can damage both your hair in the long run as well as the environment. The ones we stock on the site are also vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free!

3. A conditioner bar can be used in 2 different ways: a) applied directly on wet clean hair by rubbing the bar on the locks; b) by creating a nice lather between the hands and use the foam to condition the hair. Whatever is easier!

4. Another fantastic benefit of natural solid conditioners is that they can actually be used to make liquid conditioner by grating some of the conditioner bar, adding it to boiling water and mixing carefully until the conditioner is fully melted. The liquid can be then applied on the hair as a regular liquid conditioner.

One thing to remember when using a natural solid conditioner is that after using it, it is recommended leaving it on the hair for a few minutes to let all the natural ingredients deeply condition the hair, and then thoroughly remove every trace of conditioner by rinsing it carefully with fresh water.