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Plastic Free Shaving - Safety Razor And Soaps

Shaving is such a common habit for most people. Not only for facial hair but also legs, armpits and even heads can be shaved, and with that comes a lot of wasteful plastic products. 

Discover our selection of plastic free reusable shaving razors, shaving soaps and reusable shaving blades, as well as gender neutral shaving kits to gift those you love the most and start the eco shaving revolution!

ECO-FRIENDLY SHAVING - Best shaving soaps, how to avoid a shaving rash and other tricks on how to use a reusable shaving razor.

Shaving is incredibly wasteful and the whole industry is completely obsessed with plastic or chemically packed products, from disposable razors to shaving soaps and creams. Many people feel very dubious about swapping to double edged safety razors, as there is this general idea that they are hard to use or that they can be unsafe and cause cuts. 

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Truth is, they are not only really easy to use, but more often than not the quality of shaving is even better, leaving the skin smooth and healthy. Plus, safety razors are gender neutral so they can be shared with your other half, saving money and definitely stopping a lot of single use plastic to end up in landfills.

If you have never used one, here are some of our best tips on how to use a safety razor:

  1. The best way to make a reusable razor last long is to take simple precautions after using it, such as cleaning the razor blades under hot water and drying them carefully before storing away.
  2. Best thing to do before shaving is to have a hot shower, this will soften your skin, open up your pores helping a much smoother shave.
  3.  Hold the handle softly without applying too much pressure. This is usually why people cut themselves. Just take short and smooth strokes on the skin while holding the razor at 30 degrees angle.

Plastic free shaving soaps

One thing you should never forget when shaving is to always use a shaving soap or cream, as this will dramatically reduce the risk of cuts and irritation to the skin. Simply rubbing a shaving soap in your hand and apply the creamy lather of the soap on the area you intend to shave will create a nice protection and allow your razor blades to glide easily and avoid rashes, cuts and bruising.

Some of the best shaving soaps are rich in vegetable oils, as they create a nice foamy cream due to their high natural fat contents. We particularly recommend soaps made with shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil (Marseille Soap is amazing as a shaving soap) or even aloe vera for its soothing properties. 

How to dispose of stainless steel razor blades

One of the great things about safety razors is that not only they last for a long time, but the  blades can actually be recycled so there is literally no waste at all! To make sure that is possible, always choose stainless steel razor blades (the ones we stock on the site are 100% recyclable and only wrapped in paper, zero plastic, for an authentic eco shaving experience).

Just make sure to collect a bunch of blades in a safe and sealed container before handing them in to your local recycling centre, that way there won't be any risk of anybody getting injured and your blades will get some new life by being recycled properly!