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Deodorants that are natural, eco friendly and handmade

Discover our range of natural deodorants, handmade in the UK with organic natural ingredients; no chemicals or palm tree oil and without any plastic packaging.  All our deodorants are without aluminium, and we have a wide range of vegan deodorants made with only plant based ingredients.

We at EarthBits have put together a huge selection of natural deodorants all made in the UK: deodorant sticks packaged in compostable tubes; deodorant bars that are great for those living low waste; deodorant creams; deodorants for sensitive skins for those who need something more delicate, and bicarbonate of soda free deodorants coming soon!




Natural deodorants that are sustainable and plastic free. 

Have you already found your dream natural deodorant? When trying to cut plastic and nasties from your daily routine, it's not always easy to find the perfect match, especially when looking for a plastic free and eco-friendly deodorant.
Luckily here at EarthBits we have worked hard to put together a vast collection of deodorants that will make you smell fresh all day and without having to compromise on your environmental values!

Deodorant stick

All our deodorant sticks come in 100% recyclable and biodegradable paperboard push-up tube. They are handmade with 100% natural and mostly organic ingredients, and they are long lasting, to reduce waste and champion sustainability.
We have deodorant sticks available in both a vegan deodorant collection, which  uses sunflower wax as primal base, and one of deodorants made with organic British beeswax. 

Deodorant Cream

Deodorant creams are a great alternative to deodorant sticks. They are very soft and you would usually only need a nail size amount for both armpits, so a tin can last for a very long time. They also come in reusable tins and glass jars, for the perfect zero waste deodorant routine. Even though they are handmade with natural ingredients and none of the unintelligible chemicals you find in regular deodorants, they make me smell nice all day long. All aluminium free and vegan deodorants.

Deodorant Bar

If you are looking for the best counterpart to plastic deodorant, that must be deodorant bars! The simplicity of it is the perfect solution for those who want a zero-waste lifestyle. The ones we stock are made by UK eco-brand Primal Suds and come with plastic free packaging and a reusable cotton travel bag. These deodorants are very popular with men, although they are also suitable for women too.

Deodorant for sensitive skins

If you have delicate skin, or suffer from allergies or skin conditions, we recommend unscented deodorants. Essential oils are a great source of natural aroma, but they do contain allergens, so if you have hypersensitivities, you are pregnant or suffer from allergies, the best thing is to choose a scent-free deodorant, free from possible allergens and gentle on the skin. If you are looking for a deodorant for kids, we would recommend choosing one for sensitive skins, and make sure to check with a medical professional that all the ingredients are fine for them.

Bicarbonate of soda free deodorant

 A small majority of people struggle with deodorants with Bicarb in. Bicarbonate of soda is not harmful at all and most people do not have any issues with it, but as bicarbonate of soda is very alkaline, if your sweat is very acidic (due to natural predisposition, hormones, diets etc) then it can create a reaction.This is why we are now sourcing a brand new collection of soda free deodorants coming soon!