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Eco-Friendly Soap Dishes - Plastic-Free, Wooden, Draining & Sustainable

We have created a wide range of eco soap dishes to help you save every bit of your natural soap and shampoo bars!

All our soap dishes are made with plastic-free, eco-friendly and compostable materials: discover our wooden soap dishes with drain, compostable bamboo soap dishes, coconut soap dishes and even travel soap boxes to bring your shampoo bar everywhere you go.

They are all sustainably made and with minimum packaging to give you a truly plastic free bathroom.

Wooden Soap Dishes to Make your Natural Soap Last Longer

Why do I need an eco soap dish?

Plastic free bathroom is a goal that we at EarthBits want to help as many people as possible to achieve! And one of the best bathroom eco friendly products is an eco soap dish. Eco friendly soap dishes are such an easy way of saving your soap from melting away in a puddle of water, or making your shampoo bar last a lot longer by letting it drain the water between uses. 

Here are some of our favourite eco soap dishes:

1. Wooden Soap dish

Made with elegant, dark wood and painted with water based non toxic paint, this light eco friendly soap dish will add an elegant touch to your bathroom or kitchen sink. It can also be used with one of our plastic free solid lotions!

2. Bamboo Soap Dish

Bamboo is such an amazing material. Did you know it is the fastest growing plant on the planet? Not only that but it is incredibly resistant so it doesn't need fertilisers to grow. A truly sustainable material, perfect for eco friendly soap dishes! All our bamboo soap dishes are draining and designed to protect your organic soap bars and handmade solid shampoos from going to waste, and they come in various sizes to fit any sink size.

3. Wooden Shampoo Box

This stylish bamboo soap box is great to use with one of our 2-in-1 shampoo bars, and it has holes at the bottom to allow water to sip through. Make sure to keep it dry between uses and dry with a cotton cloth a couple times a week to remove any soap scum and keep it clean and dry for longevity

4. Coconut Soap Dish

This eco soap dish is the essence of repurposing materials and zero waste! Made with discarded coconut shells, this beautiful plastic free soap dish will make you feel like you are on holiday every time you enter your bathroom!