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  • Hand Wrapped & Completely Plastic Free

  • Zero Waste Makeup

    Your daily beauty routine will never feel better if you are also helping the environment. Bamboo cases, vegan brushes and all natural ingredients are just the start of what's on offer.

  • Easy Swaps

    Our hand selected range of the easiest swaps to Zero Waste. These were selected with the idea in mind that you wouldn't even notice the change when using them in place of plastic versions

  • Health + Beauty

    Skincare solutions, gentle hair and body products, 100% natural make up, bathroom essentials. Better habits for a cleaner planet.

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We are walking the zero-waste path too, and we are firm believers of the importance to shop less and whenever possible, to find DIY alternatives to everything you need! We have great tips and ideas on our social media pages that don’t cost a penny, so make sure you follow us there!

For anything else that you can’t make yourself or simply haven’t got enough time. this is why we are doing this: to give you a place to go to, and products you can fully trust to be completely sustainable, cruelty-free, 100% recyclable and/or compostable, plus ethically and locally sourced.

There are so many interesting and innovative products nowadays to help you reduce your plastic use and help you on your way to becoming more zero waste!


Toothbrushes and toothpaste have always been a huge offender of waste in the environment.  Check out our great selection of zero waste oral care!