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    This November 29th, don't let it be a Black Friday, turn the world green and plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest while choosing sustainable products that are kind to...

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  • 16 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for a Sustainable Christmas

    This year why not decide to get your loved ones meaningful gifts that are not only practical and useful but also kind to the planet and sustainable? To help out and...

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    eco-friendly gift ideas for Christmas
  • zero waste halloween ideas

    How to have a zero waste and plastic free Halloween, without giving up the fun!

    Falling leaves are covering the ground, trees are turning red and the air is now fresh and pungent. It’s that time of the year again, and with it its most...

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  • Affordable sustainable clothing in the UK: How to be trendy while caring for the planet

    We have all heard about the dreadful impact of the fashion industry on the environment. In fact, fashion is only second to the oil and fossil fuel industry. It is...

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    affordable sustainable fashion UK
  • best eco friendly cleaning products in the uk

    The ultimate list of best eco friendly cleaning products available in the UK.

    This is our guide for the best eco-friendly cleaning products in the UK, which include cleaning tools such as sponges and brushes made of compostable and natural materials, as well...

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