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Bath Bomb Gift Sets - natural, handmade for spa at home experience

Set of Bath Bombs that makes the ideal Gift Set for the spa at home experience; take some me-time and let the natural ingredients pamper you to the fullest.

Vegan Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are the ultimate pamper treat. They look great, smell great, and they can be just what you need to help you relax and unwind. Vegan bath bombs are made from plant-based ingredients, making them a great choice of gift for yourself or someone special.

What makes vegan bath bombs so great? Take a look at just some of the reasons why below.

You could pair them with some lovely natural soap.

Natural scents and colours

With vegan bath bombs, you benefit from knowing your bath bomb has been made with natural scents and colours. At EarthBits, we have a delicious selection of scents including classic rose or lavender, to fresh grapefruit and ocean breeze. Natural colouring can be kinder to your skin (and your bathtub!), making it the perfect addition to your bath time routine.

With so many different scents to explore, you can have a lot of fun finding your favourite.

Plant-based ingredients

Whether you’re a vegan or not, there are many benefits to be had from plant-based products. Less likely to contain chemicals and ingredients that can be harsh on your skin, plant-based ingredients can bring plenty of benefits to your skin, giving it the nourishment and care it deserves. 

Plant-based ingredients have many valuable skincare benefits, and you can feel great knowing that no animal products were used to create your bath bomb. 

Cruelty-free and eco-friendly

EarthBits vegan bath bombs are cruelty-free, made without animal testing, which we believe is important. Not only this, but our products are eco-friendly, packaged in recyclable packaging, without plastic to give you a more environmentally-friendly product. 

Our eco-friendly bath bombs make great, guilt-free gifts. You can give them with love knowing your gift is completely recyclable. Our gift sets even come with the option of adding plantable wrapping paper and greeting cards - helping you to wrap your gift beautifully. 

The perfect indulgent treat

A bath bomb can be the perfect treat to help you relax at the end of a long day. Everyone appreciates a bath bomb - whether it’s for a special occasion, a thank you or just to show you care, it can add a little something extra to a bath and create a spa-like atmosphere for switching off and chilling out.

Our bath bombs are ideal for birthdays, Christmas, as a thank you gift or simply just ‘because’. Whether you treat yourself or a loved one, our vegan bath bombs are sure to delight whoever receives them.

The best way to enjoy your EarthBits bath bomb

To get the most enjoyment from your bath bomb, fill your bath with warm water and then drop your bath bomb in and wait for the magic to happen. Enjoy some me-time with some candles, your favourite treatments and some relaxing music. Your bath bomb will fill the air with a wonderful aroma, allowing you to lie back and enjoy a good soak.

Check out our full range of EarthBits eco-friendly bath bombs and treat yourself or someone else to the perfect indulgent treat.