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Mineral Sunscreen

Mineral Sunscreens that are cruelty free, natural and reef safe.

Discover our range of mineral sunscreens made in the UK such as Shade sunscreen, available in 2 sizes, and our wide range of zinc oxide sunscreens from leading natural sunscreen brand Amazinc! We now stock eco-friendly mineral sunscreens that are plastic free and come with reusable and recyclable packaging and with minimum SPF 15+.

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Mineral Sunscreens: What they are and How they work 


I don't think there is anything I like more than a warm summer day. However it is sometimes easy to forget how important it is to protect our skin from UV rays. We all know that staying in the sun for a long time and prolonged exposure to UV rays can result in sunburns and increases the risk of skin cancer.

For everybody who wants to lead a more sustainable and plastic free lifestyle, finding a plastic free organic sun cream can sometimes feel like a mission, so is there such a thing as sustainable suncreams that can still ensure to keep us healthy and safe under the sun? Yes! And they are called mineral sunscreens.

The main difference between a chemical and mineral sun protection cream is easily traceable to their ingredients. The active ingredients in chemical sun creams work so efficiently because what they do is absorb UV rays. In order to do that though, it is necessary for the skin to fully absorb these chemicals. This can sometimes cause irritation and discomfort, due to the fact that they are not natural ingredients, but as the name suggests, they are chemical ones. 

This is also why if you are looking for a suncream for eczema or other skin conditions, your best bet is a mineral sunblock and not a chemical one.

A mineral sunscreen uses minerals as its active ingredients. The minerals used are for the most part zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Mineral sunscreens made in the UK work in a completely different way than chemical sunblocks.

Instead of being absorbed by the skin and dissipating UV rays, they simply stay on top of the skin and create a reflective barrier between UV rays and the body, deflecting them away and protecting us from damaging sunburns.

This is also why mineral sunscreens are sometimes called physical sunscreens because they provide a physical barrier between the skin and sunrays, without the need for chemical ingredients, just fun in the sun the eco friendly way.


Our range of natural sunscreens are suitable for acne sufferers, as well as for people with sensitive skins and allergies, because they are oxybenzone free. There is only one type of eco-friendly sunscreens currently available on the market, so for all the green people looking for sunscreens out there, mineral sunscreens are the way to go.