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Are you interested in our EarthBits brand products?  

We have some promotions available for those who have never signed up to Faireor Ankorstore before.  If you haven't, you can get £300 worth of our products completely free if you sign up using our link!  

These offers are valid until June 2022

For Faire our referral link is https://earthbits.faire.com

For Ankorstore our referral link is https://www.ankorstore.com/lift/earthbits-11916

(Please click this link to view the entire EarthBits brand range EarthBits Range)

If you have already signed up to Faire or Ankorstore then our MOQ is currently £60. 

If you're interested in our cards we'd also be happy to send a free sample pack of each paper type if you wish!  

If you're interested in placing a wholesale order please send us an email at

service@earthbits.com  or call Jason on 07717134641

We are looking forward to welcoming sustainable businesses to our EarthBits family, get in touch!