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Natural Vegan Friendly Soap bars from Earthbits for better skin

Natural soap bars are the best eco-friendly alternative to reduce plastic packaging in your daily routine. It is a simple, yet highly effective first step that we call all take to ditch plastic from your home. Our soaps are organic, handmade and vegan, made in the UK by small family businesses using natural ingredients and minimal packaging. The fact that they are locally produced also makes their carbon footprint incredibly low, and as a company, we not only care about reducing plastic but also about offering solutions to effectively fight climate change and global warming. None of these soaps has been tested on animals, they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

All our natural soaps are free from parabens and SLS. With a wide range of fragrances, it won't be hard to find your favourite one!





What’s the best vegan bar soap you can choose for your skin? There is nothing better for our body than natural organic ingredients, so why is the beauty industry completely inundated with chemically packed products, that are stripping our body and face of their natural essential oils.?

The problem with these types of soaps is that they can either make dry skin worse for those who are prone to it, or for oily skin types, increasing sebum production in the long run, as our bodies think we need to produce more. What our skins really need is products that respect their natural PH, gentle and made only with organic ingredients. So in short, the best soap bar is one that nourishes and hydrates our biggest organ. Yes! Did you know that our skin is the biggest organ in our body?

There is an incredible amount of research regarding how harsh, synthetically rich products can actually damage our epidermis, obtaining the opposite effect and making it even more sensitive and dehydrated!

We at EarthBits are fully committed to working with small makers who have both our customers and the planet’s wellbeing at heart. From natural ingredients to organic scents, we stock a wide range of natural soap bars that are suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry and itchy.

We offer a wide range of natural, vegan and plastic-free natural soap bars. All our soaps are vegan, cruelty-free and come without any plastic packaging, as it is absolutely fundamental for us to be kind not only to our health but also to our beautiful planet.

Making the switch to natural and vegan soap bars in one of the easiest swaps to start a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as dramatically reducing the amount of single-use plastic used in the home. Discover our range of organic vegan soaps and soaps on a rope, all available on!