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Natural Shampoo bars - organic, handmade, no SLS

Transform Your Hair With Natural Shampoo

The use of natural, organic products is becoming more and more popular in the beauty industry and haircare is no exception. There are a number of reasons why this is a good idea and as more and more people make the switch, companies are taking more steps to be more ethical and natural in their approach.

Our Shampoo bars are not only all organic but also vegan and free of parabens, SLS and palm oil. They are handmade in the UK using minimal packaging that is fully recyclable and compostable!




Natural Shampoo Bars  - 7 Solid Reasons Why Natural Shampoo Bars Are Great for Healthy Silky Hair

1. All-natural and organic

Unlike liquid shampoo, the natural bar version is made with zero artificial chemicals. It has no synthetic dyes and fragrances. Instead, it uses natural essential oils which not only give a scent but also have other health benefits. For example, lavender oil stimulates hair growth while chamomile oil shines and softens the hair, and stimulates the scalp. Their sweet smell is therapeutic too.

2. No SLS

Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is a chemical found in liquid shampoos and soaps. It traps oil- based dirt and gives you the rich lather. That may sound good, but SLS also strips off your natural oils and dries out your hair. Losing the SLS in your shampoo and choosing  100% SLS free shampoos means maintaining your hair’s natural shine.

3. Vegan

Vegan shampoo bars have no animal-derived ingredients like beeswax, gelatine, keratin, and lanolin. Since it’s purely plant-based and not tested on animals, it’s cruelty-free. That means you can proudly sport smooth hair without the guilt whenever you choose a vegan shampoo!

4. Plastic-free

Did you know that about 520 million plastic shampoo bottles end up in the UK landfills every year? Natural shampoo bars, on the other hand, are wrapped in minimal packaging that is fully recyclable and compostable, just like these ones by Primal Suds. This makes it a brilliant solution to the massive plastic pollution problem.

5. Saves water

Liquid shampoos have up to 80 percent water. With the world’s growing population, it seems like a wasteful way to use such a valuable resource. You use water when you shower anyway, so skipping the water on your shampoo bar doesn’t reduce its quality and potency. Rather, it only means more water for the world, less packaging waste, and a lower carbon footprint during transport.

6. Convenient and economical

Since shampoo bars are pretty solid, they don’t spill which makes them perfect for travelling. They also last up to 40 washes, and sometimes even more, so you don’t need to buy every so often. Because they last longer, you have more value for your money.

7. Supports the local economy and community

Handmade shampoo bars are made from scratch by local artisans who only use the finest, most natural, and organic ingredients. Being handmade means that they are created in small batches. This assures you that each piece is thoughtfully and carefully made so the quality is top-notch. Best of all, choosing handmade shampoo bars is a great way to support local and small artisans and brands and to circulate the resources within the local economy.

Ready to Switch to Natural Shampoo Bars?

Natural, organic, vegan, and SLS-free shampoo bars are good for your hair, your health, and the planet. When handmade, it’s good for the people and the local economy too. All these shows why you need to make the switch now.
Whether your hair is normal, dry and itchy, oily, or blonde, know that at EarthBits, there is a shampoo bar for you. Check out our selection of shampoo bars to find the perfect one for you.