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Vegan Makeup with Organic, Natural ingredients and Plastic-Free Packaging

Check out our selections of natural make up, eco-friendly eyeshadows, mineral powders and blushers, and combine them with our vegan makeup brushes and reusable makeup removal pads! The makeup industry is absolutely packed with plastic packaging, let alone synthetic ingredients such as SLS, parabens, and harmful preservatives, so here at EarthBits we have made it our mission to search for the best organic makeup brands  and cruelty free makeup products.

We particularly love our vegan makeup brands based in the UK, that come in reusable or recyclable packaging such as metal tins and bamboo casings. Start your sustainable makeup journey with us today!

Plastic Free Makeup: Discover our Mineral Makeup Collection, Natural Makeup Removers and Reusable Makeup Pads.

The beauty industry is a booming one. It generates an estimate of $500 billion per year, and the trend in sales and consume is forecasted to get even better in the future. However, when it comes to makeup, tons of plastic packaging is constantly ending up in landfills or polluting our oceans.

That's why we at EarthBits.com are on a mission to only promote vegan makeup that is eco-friendly and plastic free. We believe a makeup palette that is organic, natural, free from parabens and carcinogens is so much better for both our health and the planet, wouldn't you agree?

Our natural makeup collection includes:

- Vegan Makeup Brushes:

 Made with plant-based bristles and bamboo handles, they are completely cruelty free

- Reusable Makeup Pads:

Instead of using single-use cotton ones that can only be used once and are extremely wasteful, swapping to washable makeup remover pads is a great zero waste makeup swap! We stock them in pure cotton or with bamboo and cotton fibres.

- Eco-friendly Makeup Remover:

All our makeup remover creams are vegan and made with organic ingredients, for a healthy and hydrated skin

- Vegan Mascara

Our Zao makeup collection has a bestseller product, our plastic free mascaras made with aloe vera and plant-based ingredients. And we also stock refills so once you are done using it, you can keep the bamboo packaging and simply get a new refill to avoid unnecessary waste!

- Natural Eyeshadow

We have matte eyeshadows, nude eyeshadows and also sparkling vegan ones, so no matter where you need to be, work or at a party, there is a plastic free eyeshadow perfect for you!

- Vegan Felt-Tip Eyeliner

This natural black eye-liner from Zao makeup is a game changer as it doesn't smear but is plant based and cruelty free, for a smokey eye look that is kind to the planet too.

-Powder Foundation

Our mineral foundation is great and can be used easily with one of our foundation makeup brushes, and it is made with natural, organic and cruelty free ingredients, as well as plastic free packaging.