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Environmentally Friendly Dental Floss

Just as effective with minimal waste.  All you need for flossing is something thin that runs between your teeth. Why use a plastic, easy to break, string when you can use this high quality eco friendly dental floss.

Plastic free dental floss that is biodegradable for a sustainable and eco-friendly oral care.

Dental care. From children trying to skin brushing teeth before bed, to adults doing it too quickly, it can be a headache sometimes. Which in turns can end in toothache, one of the worst types of pain possibly imaginable, in my opinion.

Oral care done properly is so important to have healthy teeth and mouth, but at what cost for the environment? As it is designed at the moment, the dental industry seems only interested in manufacturing cheap short-lived products made with plastic and derivates, without any consideration for the environment.

Luckily more and more people are switching to bamboo toothbrushes, which can be composted, and natural toothpaste in reusable and recyclable jars, but let's not forget flossing.

Because flossing removes plaque and food debris, it is essential to both keep your teeth and gums healthy as well as a fresh breath

The acid in plaque is what causes tooth decay but flossing helps to eradicate this issue. Not only that, but food bits that linger in your mouth impact how your breath smells while it breaks down. Flossing helps to clear out these unpleasant odours.

Our Georganic floss is 100% vegan and biodegradable, and comes in 2 flavours: activated charcoal and spearmint. It is made with corn-based materials and comes in a glass jar that can be reused, so you will only need to get refills next time you buy one!