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Reusable, eco friendly cotton pads for makeup removal. Packs of 10&20

Reusable makeup pads are the best alternative to single-use, disposable ones. Join the green movement to save the planet by swapping your makeup removal pads for this washable makeup pads that will last for ages!


Ditching single-use products don't have to be difficult or burdensome, in fact, some of our favourite eco-friendly products are not only as easy to use as their commercial counterparts, but they actually work better!

 One of the easiest changes for a less wasteful life is definitely swapping to using eye makeup remover pads instead of single-use makeup cotton pads for your everyday makeup.

Washable makeup remover pads last for years rather than seconds and are a great waste less solution to your beauty routine and for effective makeup removal.

 There are many types available on the market but after much testing, we have 2found the best reusable makeup remover pads are made of 2 different materials (both available on Earthbits.com!):

  1. A softer one made with velvet bamboo, ideal for delicate skins and sensitive areas, for example around the eyes and neck.
  1. A more exfoliating makeup pad, made of bamboo fibre and cotton, great for mascara and lipstick removals, and makeup that is a bit tougher to remove.

Used together with a natural facial cleansing lotion, these eco-friendly makeup remover pads can purify your skin from dead skin cells and toxins while helping the regeneration of new healthy skin, for a truly reusable, zero-waste makeup.

In order to keep your makeup remover pads in top shape and make them last for a very long time, we recommend rinsing them with cold water as soon as you are finished using them so to remove the toughest stains, then rub them with some natural solid soap, pop them in a muslin bag and wash them at 40degrees in the washing machine!

Not only each one washable makeup wipe will save you lots of money in the long run – as you only buy them once instead of every couple weeks - but will also help you avoid creating tons of waste, both in plastic packaging and single-use materials that would otherwise have ended up in the bin. And the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo make them perfect for any kind of skin, even the most sensitive and delicate ones. E