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Feminine Hygiene

Food-grade silicone, hypoallergenic and reusable period cups and reusable bamboo charcoal sanitary pads are the best solution for a zero-waste period.

Reusable period pads and menstrual cups

Have you ever heard of "period pollution"? An average woman is estimated to go through around 200kg of single-use period pads, tampons and applicators while in her menstruating years. Terrifying right, especially if you think that all these disposable menstrual products usually end up either in landfills or flushed down our toilet and through sewage, contaminating our seas and oceans. 

 Let alone the financial impact that of these single-use products have on our pockets, these numbers show the utterly damaging consequences this amount of unrecyclable waste has on the environment.

The solution? It's really simple, and a lot cheaper in the long run!

Changing from single-use period products to reusable, washable menstrual pads and cups!

Cloth sanitary pads

We have them available on the site in 2 different sizes:

- A small panty liner version that is ideal for the last few days of your flow, or to be used together with a menstrual cup if you are afraid of leakage. They are also great if you have a weak to average flow.

- A medium-size cloth menstrual pad, for heavier flows or just the first couple of days of your period. 

The best cloth period pads in our opinion? Those you buy once and just keep using them! Reusable menstrual cup

Made with food-grade silicone, great to prevent infections and suitable for any type of allergy sufferers, we stock them in 2 different sizes:

- Small menstrual cup, recommended for younger women or pre-birth

- Large menstrual silicone cup, ideal for women 35+ and after pregnancy.

You too can save the planet every single month!