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Eco bathrooms

There's nothing that gathers so much plastic packaged products as our bathrooms! Having a zero-waste sustainable toiletry collection is completely possible and affordable. From essentials such as toothpastes and toothbrushes, to creams, shampoos and solid soaps, and much more, EarthBits have collected the most trustworthy green brands out there!






If you are on a quest to live a plastic free life, aIn my experience, one of the best ways is to focus on one change at a time. For example, starting from one room of your home at a time. Take our bathrooms for example. Bathrooms are one fo the areas in our houses that are most filled with plastic-packed products, from shampoos to cosmetics, toothpaste and plastic toothbrushes just to name a few.

So how can you make your bathroom plastic free?

Well, did you know you can swap all these products for better, eco-friendly alternatives? All these products are a great plastic free swap to plastic items that usually populate our bathrooms, my advise it to make a few changes every month according to your means. Remember, this is not a race, it’s a journey! With no further ado- let’s see how we can get rid of plastic in the bathroom!

Shampoo bar: A great eco-alternative to shampoo bottles are solid shampoo bars. They are made with simple natural ingredients, free from SLS, parabens and any other unpronounceable ingredient. You can choose the best for your hair type, whether you have oily hair, dry hair, normal hair or itchy scalp, there is always a solution to get soft and shiny locks. We at EarthBIts stock both regular shampoo bars (make sure to check our blog post on how to handle transition phase) or our innovative 2-in1 shampoos that don’t require any transition.

Solid conditioner bar:  if your hair needs a little bit of extr conditioning, there is nothing better than a conditioner bar to give extra hydration and softness to your hair. Choose a bar that is designed for oily, normal or dry hair type.

Vinegar hair rinse: a total must-have for those who are starting out using shampoo bars, there are different types made with a vinegar base and botanical ingredients, designed for all types of hair.

Natural Deodorant: especially if you have an active lifestyle, deodorants are an absolute essential to keep you fresh and smelling great all day long. Our natural deodorants made in the UK are available as cream deodorant as well as plastic-free deodorant sticks. Choose from vegan deodorants or natural ones made with organic beeswax.

Plastic free dental care: from bamboo or wooden toothbrushes to natural toothpaste in glass jar, to vegan mouthwash tablets and compostable floss, or whitening charcoal toothpaste,  it is now easier than ever to ditch plastic from your bathroom sink area, while keeping your teeth white, healthy and strong!

Eco-friendly bathroom essentials: why not swap your plastic soap dish to a fully compostable bamboo one? Or even one made from a discarded coconut shell! There are so many hacks you can use to eliminate plastic in your bathroom, and our favourite essentials are soap saver bags, natural sponges, vegan makeup, safety razors and organic, plastic-free skincare products. 

We at EarthBits are always trying to make it as effortless as possible to live a sustainable lifestyle, and are always looking for new, creative and easy way to get rid of plastic and be eco-friendly with no effort at all!