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Why GreenFriday?

When we founded EarthBits, our main goal was to spread awareness against plastic pollution and unnecessary waste by offering eco-friendly solutions to as many people as we could reach. That mission hasn’t changed. And this is because our motto is still BUY LESS, USE MORE, WASTE ZERO.


In line with this, we always aim to only stock products that are not only environmentally friendly and free of plastic, but also good quality and therefore long-lasting, in order to avoid unnecessary buying whenever possible.

 This time of year, however, is a really tough one for our planet. Holiday season is always associated with shopping sprees and one of the worst culprits is Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.

It's a concept that started in the US and takes place the day after the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and it is named “Black Friday” because it's often the day many stores move "into the black" - which means they make more profit than the money they spend.

To us, it is also a black, dark day for the planet, as most of the things bought on that day are usually made with plastic, unrecyclable components, low quality materials that break easily, as well as being things that are not useful at all, and therefore have a really negative impact on the environment.

With all this in mind we have decided to launch our own sustainable antidote to Black Friday, and that is the idea behind #GreenFriday2019.

Instead of buying useless stuff, lets’ plant trees together!

 Our idea is for people to be more mindful about the way they shop and value new and old possessions, making this day all about the environment and its protection.

Plant one tree for every order

This is why we have decided to plant a tree for every order we will receive on Friday 29th. We have teamed up with the amazing association OneTreePlanted, and we have pledged to donate for every order we will receive on the website to cover the cost of buying and planting a tree in the Amazon. You can find out more about their brilliant work here.

reforestation in the amazons

We also realize that the majority of people will still be tempted to buy things from big retailers, such as Amazon, Ebay and other shopping chains, so to help spread our message and incentivize as many people as possible to help us rebuilt the Amazon rainforest, all the eco-products we stock on the website will be discounted for the entire day.

What about Cyber Monday?

Well, unfortunately, the mindless consumerism of Black Friday is meant to continue even the following Monday, 2nd December.

So we decided we had to plant even more trees to counteract all the waste this extra day will generate, and so we have come up with a #GreenerMonday initiative, when all the discounts on all our eco-products will continue on the following Monday too, as well as our pledge to plant a tree in the Amazons for every order we receive on that day too!

Your buying money can make a difference, choosing to spend it on products that are kinder to the world, to local businesses (most of our suppliers are local to us, they are small businesses run by people full of passion for nature and for our beautiful world), to better products that are long-lasting and compostable is a truly revolutionary act!

Help us spread our sustainable message, tag #GreenFriday2019 and #GreenerMonday on social media and share the news with as many people as possible, together we can all make a difference, and do our bit for the planet!

And of course, don’t forget to come and say hello and make the last Friday and first Monday of the month just a little bit greener!

GREEN FRIDAY Greener monday

When: Friday 29th November / Monday 2nd December

Where: www.earthbits.com

Why?: To do your bit for the planet, and help rebuild the Amazon rainforest! 

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