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Plastic Free Christmas Card, Christmas Sock

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TREE-FREE PAPER CARDS THAT SAVE TREES: We love receiving or gifting greeting cards, but we also want to protect our planet and save our precious trees, so that is why we have created a selection of TREE-FREE CARDS, that are not made with virgin trees! You can choose your card in all these paper types: SEEDED PAPER / ELEPHANT POO PAPER / COTTON CUTS PAPER / COFFEE PAPER / BANANA PAPER / TEA PAPER / COCONUT PAPER / LEMONGRASS PAPER / FSC RECYCLED PAPER

SEEDED PAPER: Choosing a card made with seeded paper will allow the receiver to plant it and turn their greeting card into flowers and plants! 

ELEPHANT DUNG PAPER: Elephant dung is a rich source of fibre and is naturally processed in the digestive tract of the elephant. The dung is collected from elephant sanctuaries so this paper making provides and extra form of income for charities dedicated to animal preservation.

LEMONGRASS PAPER: Lemongrass paper is made after the extraction process of oils from the lemongrass plant. Instead of discarding the grass, it is steamed and made into sheets of paper.

COTTON PAPER: Cotton offcuts from the clothing manufacturing industry usually end up in landfills. But that's a real waste as cotton contains high cellulose that can be turned into high quality, chemical-free paper. So instead we use cotton paper made with the fashion waste and turn it into beautiful cards! Available in IVORY, GREEN and PEACH PINK colours.

TEA PAPER: Tea makers only accept perfectly harvested tea leaves when they buy them from farmers. The rest is turned down and usually discarded. We save beautifully imperfect black tea leaves and make cards with them!

COFFEE PAPER: Made with coffee husk (the skin of coffee beans) mixed with cotton pulp and fibre seeds, this paper is elegant and has a special shine to it. Perfect for all the coffee lovers in your life!

BANANA PAPER: Once banana fibres are extracted, the paper that is manufactured with it is vibrant, sustainable and absolutely stunning!

COCONUT PAPER: Made with coconut coir, the resistant and hairy fibre outside of coconuts, it allows to use every single part of a coconut without any waste.

100% FSC RECYCLED PAPER CARDS: You can also choose elegant cards that are made with 100% UK recycled paper that has not been bleached or treated with nasty chemicals. 


  • Christmas Greeting Cards
  • Paper types available: Seeded Paper / Elephant Poo Paper / Cotton Paper in 3 colours / Lemongrass Paper / Coffee Husk Paper / Coconut Husk Paper / Tea Paper / Banana Paper / FSC-Approved Recycled Paper
  • Design: Christmas Sock
  • Available in: single card, pack of 5 cards, pack of 8 cards
  • 100% recycled paper
  • Instructions are illustrated on the reverse of every card
  • Each card comes with a brown envelope
  • Packs are wrapped in a compostable and biodegradable sleeve made of vegetable starch, fully biodegradable in home compost.
  • Handmade and designed in Yorkshire, UK
  • 100% plastic free
  • Card size: 15cm x 10.5cm (folded A5)


Seeded Paper Cards: Made with 100% recycled paper combined with repurposed cotton pulp. Flowers and herbs’ seeds are embedded in the untreated paper, so these cards can be planted in pots or in the garden after being gifted and turn into beautiful plants with just some sunlight, water and love!⁣

Elephant Dung Cards:Yep that's right! Elephant dung is incredibly rich in fibres, and after being collected in elephant sanctuaries dedicated to the preservation of these beautiful animals, it's disinfected and made into paper. And in turn we use it to make amazing - and totally odourless! - Birthday, Christmas and many other occasion cards!

Lemongrass Paper: Lemongrass is a perennial plant and it is mostly use for oil extraction. After that, the residual grass is a by-product that is often discarded, but if steamed and turned into a pulp, it can be transformed into beautiful and elegant paper.

Cotton paper: Cotton offcuts are usually the waste generated by clothing manufacturing. It is estimated that nearly 15% of cotton is usually wasted before our clothes even start their journey to reach our wardrobes. But cotton is incredibly rich in cellulose and it's perfect to be used to make paper, which is a great way to play an important part in fighting fashion pollution. Cards made from cotton paper are very elegant and beautiful to the touch.

Tea paper:  Tea paper is made of tea waste from black tea leaves that are not harvested correctly and are refused by tea makers.. This is the biggest waste produced by tea factories, but instead of being discarded it is mixed with cotton pulp and flax fibres to make acid-free, handmade, and tree-free paper.

Banana paper: Banana fibre is extracted from disposed banana stems. Once the banana fibre is extracted, it is cooked to make pulp and used to make vibrant elegant paper.

Coffee Husk paper: Coffee husk is the name of the skin of coffee beans and it is usually a residual by-product discarded by coffee planters after a process called pulping, when coffee beans are treated to make one of our favourite drinks. Coffee husk makes beautiful, unique textured paper when mixed with cotton offcut paper.

Coconut Husk paper: Coconut husk, also called coir, is the hairy fibre that is wrapped around coconuts. It is brown and durable, as well as rich in cellulose, so it lends a vibrant fibrous appearance and texture when used to make paper. Nothing is wasted, so each part of the coconut is actually utilised in full!

FSC-approved Recycled Paper: Made with 100% recycled and from FSC certified recovered fibres.



  • Submerge in 5mm of water and keep in natural light.
  • After a few days or weeks, the seeds will start sprouting.
  • Transfer to a pot with compost and water regularly, keep in sunny area of the house.
  • As with everything made with natural materials, care and time are what makes results successful. 


    Product Packaging

    Our TREE-FREE Cards come in bags that are 100% compostable and biodegradable, as they are made with vegetable starch. 

    EarthBits Packaging

    All EarthBits packaging is 100% plastic-free and recyclable, using recycled or reused cardboard boxes, recycled/recycling paper and recyclable tape. Please re-use your packaged box should you need to send something else to a friend, family or for your business, or as a storage box in the house. Upcycling is one of our favourite zero-waste habits here at EarthBits!


    First off, thank you for visiting our website! We starting our own journey as a zero-waste family with a clear goal in mind to make meaningful changes in our habits and lifestyle; our mantra has always been “have less impact on the planet, create less waste, and become better, more sustainable consumers”.

    In our quest to swap plastic or disposable products with durable, plastic-free and less wasteful alternatives, we found there were companies we fell we could trust completely. These companies are now part of the EarthBits family and we are very proud to collaborate with them and showcase their products on this site!

    On the other hand, we also found there were a lot of other products that were advertised as “eco-friendly” but didn’t seem to us as sustainable or ethical as we wanted them to be. With that in mind, we decided to launch our own brand of products, sourced from small, often family-run suppliers we can fully trust.

    All our products have a story to tell, and they have been made with our beautiful Earth in mind! I hope you will love them as much as we do!


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    This card is handmade, and unusual, but it's based on traditional designs, with lots of special features, it's a great modern choice, using luxurious paper, with a cool twist, available as an individual card, available as a pack, and can be classed as sustainable.