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Discover all our beauty products, from shampoo bars to organic soaps, from natural toothpaste in glass jars to bamboo mascara, reusable makeup pads, natural deodorants and shampoo bars or vegan makeup brushes. They all come in fully recyclable and compostable packaging.  Make your getting-ready routine greener and more sustainable with these fantastic swaps!

Eco friendly beauty products

Here at EarthBits we believe that every moment of your day can be an opportunity to make eco-conscious decisions, saying no to plastic and single-use products. From the minute we wake up in the morning to the seconds before we close our eyes and go to sleep, we all make choices. And use products. What we decide to use and choose can make a big impact on the environment, so we are very committed to offering you the best eco-friendly products that can simplify your life and help you cut plastic waste out of your life.

Sustainable Beauty

We have a wide range of eco beauty products to help you make the most of your ecofriendly beauty routine. 

  • Eco friendly makeup brushes: Cruelty free makeup brushes are still not a mainstream product, but we are very proud to be stocking the best vegan makeup brushes we could lay our eyes on! Check our selection including vegan eyeshadow brushes, foundation brushes and blusher brushes.
  • Eco friendly cosmetics: Sustainable beauty products do exist, including make up. Check our stock of eco makeup, including organic eyeshadow, bamboo mascara, cruelty free eyeliners and sustainable lipsticks for the perfect green makeup! And all these products are refillable too!
  • Reusable Makeup Remover Pads:  Ditching single-use products doesn't have to be difficult or burdensome, in fact some of our favourite eco-friendly products are not only as easy to use as their commercial counterparts, but they actually work better! Switch to reusable cotton pads, and choose from:reusable make up pads made of bamboo fibre and cotton on one side, and a softer velour type of fabric on the other, great for mascara and lipstick removals; bamboo makeup remover pads with cotton and bamboo fibre, for greater exfoliation.

Environmentally Friendly Skincare




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