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Is Going Green or Eco-Friendly Expensive?

Is Going Green or Eco-Friendly Expensive?

When was the last time you bought a kitchen sponge and felt proud of it?  Probably never, right?  These sorts of massed produced things have become so cheap and so widespread and easy to replace that we just don’t care about them at all.  If they become slightly worn out or damaged, we simply throw them away. 


Not too long ago, in our grandparents’ era, or maybe our great grandparents’ era, they thought about these purchases.  They made sure they bought the best quality dish brush, or washing powder, or drinking flask, that they knew would last a long time, so they wouldn’t have to buy another one.  Perhaps this was because they lived in much more austere times, or perhaps it was because everything was handmade with care and the cost of thing were relatively higher.  So, they really did care about their purchases.  And when they got them, they took care of them.  If they got damaged, they would repair them. 

eco friendly repair quality

Perhaps it is a consequence of how successful humans have become, but we are now in an era that simply throws something away when it does not work at the optimal level.  We don’t think twice about it!

 Does this mean that we don’t care about quality anymore?  Of course, it doesn’t.  Everyone loves something that is good quality.  But finding a shop that sells quality cloths or chemical-free toothpaste has been nearly impossible until recently.  But that is all changing now thanks to the internet, which has helped shop owners connect with quality suppliers and the people looking for quality products. 

 You may now be thinking that you can’t go around spending double on some eco-friendly dish brush, for example, just because it’s good for the planet.  You get through about 5 of them a year!  But here is the thing, when it's quality you don’t need to buy 5 times a year.  You may only buy once a year.  Or even once every 2 years!  If you would normally spend £1 on a dish brush, then that would be £5 per year or £10 for 2 years.  But with a quality dish brush, you would only need to buy it once and expect it to last.  On top of that if it does break or get damaged because you paid more for just that one you are much more inclined to try to repair it and keep it going for a few more months or years. 

       quality versus value eco products

So, is going eco-friendly expensive?  In the short term, you may spend a bit more, but in the long term, you are making more and more savings.  The more quality items you add to your home the more you save as time goes by.  And as an added bonus you can feel fantastic that all your household items will not pollute the planet at all.  They will simply be returned to the natural state of the earth.  Reducing plastic waste in the seas.  Eliminating chemical runoff from mass-producing factories and clearing the air from polluting gasses produced from highly toxic processing methods.  That alone to me is worth it. 

Making an eco-swap for things you buy regularly is the best way to make a lasting impact on the planet, such as choosing to send eco-friendly cards instead of normal cards. Using materials like plantable seeded paper, these are a great swap that doesn't cost much more money.

Here are EarthBits.com, we stock a range of these eco cards, including Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, and other occasional cards, made from interesting paper types like Cotton, and even Elephant Dung!


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