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40 Eco Friendly Easy Swap Products You Can Start Using Today

The eco-friendly world of products is really starting to explode.  Thanks to technology and advancements in our understanding of materials we are seeing more and more plastic-free, toxin-free, sustainably produced and pollutant-free, alternatives to just about everything appearing on the market.  Great minds are coming together developing some fantastic products that are not only good for the planet but are high quality and wonderfully crafted and good for you! 

Check out our list of easy swaps, better quality and sustainable alternatives.

1. Salves and Balms

Normally packed full of chemicals, these all-natural versions of salves and balms are perfect for your skin and have wonderful scents. Check out our range of Salves and Balms

2. Eco-Friendly Lipsticks

Not only are eco-friendly lipsticks vegan but they also come in sustainable packaging made from bamboo. Click here to see our range of Eco-Friendly Lipsticks. 

3. Soaps

natural handmade soap bar

Natural organic soaps are just wonderful compared to the pungent chemical soaps.  You really won’t ever go back. See our full range of natural Soaps here.

4. Beeswax food Wraps

beeswax food storage wraps

A fantastic alternative to cling film.  Just scrunch them up in your hand and the unfold to wrap around your bowls, cheese, sandwiches or any other perishable fruit and veg to preserve them for longer in your fridge. See our full range of beeswax wraps here.

5. Vegan Food Wraps

vegan food storage wraps

These are a vegan version made from plant-based wax, so no bees were disturbed whilst making them.  They work just as well as beeswax wraps. You can find our vegan wrap choices here

6. Bamboo Toothbrushes

plastic free bamboo toothbrush

These alternatives to plastic toothbrushes are just wonderful.  A super easy swap and a great clean.  And after using them you can simply throw them in your compost.  We have a great range of bamboo toothbrushes here

7. Natural Toothpaste

georganics natural organic toothpaste

Completely devoid of chemicals and abrasive materials.  Natural toothpaste is how it should be and it is another one of our super simple swaps with no hassle.  You can find our range of natural toothpaste by clicking here

8. Reusable Straws

reusable bamboo travel straws

Never use a plastic straw again and keep your own along with the handy organic cotton pouch.  Firm but flexible on the teeth and great for kids as well.  We have some lovely sets of bamboo straws here

9. Soap Dish

bamboo natural soap dish

A bamboo soap dish not only is better for the planet is also a beautiful addition to your bathroom.  Adding class and style to your bathroom for an all-round fresh feeling. Check out the Soap Dish

10. Sustainable Eyeshadows

eco friendly eyeshadow

Completely vegan, these sustainable eyeshadows come in their own bamboo case or paper pouch.  It feels great to use and you know when you’re done with it you can simply compost them. Find our range of Sustainable Eyeshadows

11. Baby Bibs

handmade marley's monsters baby bib

These are just super cute and completely handmade.  Check them out here. 

12. Shampoo Bars

natural eco friendly shampoo bar

A completely all natural and plastic-free alternative to chemical shampoos.  Your hair will thank you for these!  Have a look at our range of Shampoo Bars

13. Eco-Friendly Mascaras

plastic free bamboo mascara

Mascara comes and goes but at least with the eco-friendly version you can return the case back to the earth when you’re done.  The quality and tone are comparable to overly priced high street brands. See our range of Eco-Friendly Mascaras

14. Unpaper Towels

zero waste kitchen unpaper towel

Get rid of those paper towels from your kitchen.  These will not only last longer they’ll save you money over time. Here you can see what Unpaper Towels we have on offer.  

15. Nursing Pads

organic cotton breastfeeding pads

Treat yourself with love and care when breastfeeding.  These are made from the highest quality organic cotton and are super easy to wash and use again. They’re super smooth against your skin. Check out our Nursing Pads here.

16. Shopping Bags

organic cotton mesh shopping bags

Pick up all your bread and veggies and store them in these lovely shopping bags.  High quality linen cotton.  Why get a plastic bag that will only last from the shop to your home and the in the bin? Keep these for life and reuse them as many times as you want. See our full range of Shopping Bags.

17. Produce Bags

organic cotton mesh produce bags

These mesh bags expand to a massive size.  You’ll be able to fit loads of fruit and veg in them and also never use those one-time use plastic supermarket bags, which only exist to weigh your produce. See our range of Produce Bags.

18. Menstrual cups

reusable silicone menstrual cup

Reusable menstrual cups are becoming more and more popular.  They are so easy to clean and are super comfortable to wear. Check out our Menstrual Cups. 

19. Deodorants

Organic Natural Deodorant Cream

Treat your skin with care and avoid the chemical, pore blocking deodorants.  They also come in completely sustainable and fully recyclable packaging.  Check out the full range of Deodorants.

20. Make-Up Pads

handmade facial rounds makeup pads

Super soft on your skin and completely reusable and washable.  Stop piling up those cotton pads in your bin and get on board with reusable makeup pads.  They apply so well and remove the thickest of makeup. See our full range of Make-Up Pads

21. Cleaning Brushes

plastic free kitchen dish brush

These coconut dish and bottle brushes were designed so well.  They wrap around corners and reach in deep to even tall wine glasses.  Hand made from wood and coconut fibres.  They’re a super easy swap and you’ll never look back. See what Cleaning Brushes we have.

22. Make-Up Brushes

vegan natural makeup brush

100% vegan and fantastic to use.  Made from wood and sustainably sourced bamboo, these versatile make up are perfect for applying foundation, blusher or eyeshadow powder. They are all cruelty free and approved by PETA. Check out our range of Make-Up Brushes

23. Bamboo Cutlery

eco friendly bamboo cutlery set

This travel cutlery set can pop in your bag and is perfect for work lunch or whilst you’re on holiday or at festivals.  A great alternative to the plastic disposable cutlery. Get your Bamboo Cutlery here.

24. Hair Rinse

natural vinegar hair rinse

Vinegar Hair Rinse is a great addition to a healthy hair care, and these ones are beautifully scented with orange essential oil, giving your hair an extra silky texture and a lovely fresh fragrance. Have a look at the Hair Rinse. 

25. Conditioner Bars

Organic Natural Conditioner Bar

Made from 100% natural ingredients.  Conditioner bars get the most out of your hair and leave it silky smooth.  And because they are simply a bar, you’ll never have to throw away plastic in the bin when you’re done. Have a look at these Conditioner Bars.

26. Eye Shadow

plastic free packaging eyeshadow

Give your eyes a deep, defined look with these 100% natural, vegan and totally refillable eye shadows, great every type of skin, even the most sensitive ones. They all come in reusable bamboo casings. Check out the Eye Shadow range.

27. Sunscreen

organic natural plastic free sunscreen

Did you know that chemical sunscreen has a pain inhibitor in them, so you don’t know if you are burning?  This sunscreen is completely natural and is a factor SPF25.  It is also great for anyone that has reactions to chemical sunscreen.  Here are the Sunscreens we have.

28. Sponges

Use, wash and reuse your eco sponges time and time again.  These are handmade in the UK and are of superb quality.  The designs are cute as well, brightening up your washing routine. See the full range of Sponges here.

29. Dental Floss

natural reusable dental floss

Just as effective with minimal waste.  All you need for flossing is something thin that runs between your teeth. Why use a plastic, easy to break, string when you can use this high quality eco-friendly dental floss. Check out Dental Floss. 

30. Mouthwash

plastic free mouthwash tablets

Simply dissolve the mouthwash tablets in a glass of water and rinse around like you would normally.  Then when you’re done you can feel comfortable that you can either recycle the glass and metal jar or repurpose it for any other use you can think of. Have a look at the Mouthwash tablets.

31. Eyeliner

bamboo plastic free eyeliner

These felt-tip pen eyeliners are made with natural ingredients and free from parabens and palm oil, plus it comes with a refillable design for a truly zero-waste makeup!  Check out the Eyeliner.

32. Soapnuts

eco friendly laundry detergent

A great eco-friendly version to Washing detergent.   Soap nuts clean just as well and don’t wash off harmful chemicals into the water system. Check out our Soapnuts.

33. Reusable bottles

plastic free reusable water bottle

Already massively popular and cutting down on a serious amount of single-use plastic water bottles.  I am sure we’ll look back and wonder why we didn’t always have reusable bottles. Check out our range of Reusable Bottles.

34. Foundation

plastic free organic foundation

These foundation powders are kind to the skin and to the planet too, as they don’t contain any synthetic chemicals are all come in fully compostable pouches. See the range of Foundation we have. 

35. Wet Bag

handmade nappy diaper wet bag

A beautifully handcrafted wet bag for any accidents whilst out and about.  Protection on the inside will keep any unwanted moisture from spreading and it is sustainably made. Have a look at all the Wet Bags.

36. Exfoliation

organic exfoliator sisal pouch loofah

Sisal Soap Pouches or Natural Loofahs.  Two great ways to exfoliate your skin using your favourite natural organic soaps.  And both of them are made from 100% plant-based material. Check out the Sisal Pouch and Loofah. 

37. Teeth Whitening

charcoal activated tooth whitening powder

Whitening your teeth has usually been such a toxic affair.  Using chemicals I can’t even pronounce!  This all-natural mineral teeth whitening powder is a great eco-friendly alternative. Try out the Tooth Whitening Powder.

38. Natural Clay Mask

natural facial cleansing clay

Clay masks have always been fairly eco-friendly already.  But the packaging was an issue.  This beautiful facial cleanser is 100% natural and comes in a glass jar and metal lid.  Completely repurposable or recyclable. Have a look at the Facial Clays. 

39. Seed Paper Cards

Plantable seed paper greetings cards are a fantastic way to make your gift giving eco-friendly. They are completely compostable, and you can even plant them after use, all they need is a bit of soil and water.

Shop the Earthbits eco-card range online now by clicking the links below:

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