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Reusable Cotton Bags for carrying or storing bread, fruit, veg

Discover our range of organic cotton produce bags, so you can finally say goodbye to single-use plastic bags for all your shopping and travelling!

From mesh cotton bags, coming in 3 different sizes and even a set of 3 for multiple purposes and uses, to more traditional organic cotton bread bags, these reusable cotton bags are the best way to eliminate single use plastic bags from your shopping habits.

Reusable Produce Bags

There are so many ways to reduce waste. One of our favourite here at EarthBits.com is to switch from single-use plastic bags to reusable fruit and veggie bags, as well as bread bag. It is such a simple action, yet so powerful. Imagine every time you buy your grocery from the market or your supermarket, you stop using plastic bags for your vegetables or bread and put them into reusable produce bags instead: the plastic waste you can save in a year is extraordinary. What if more and more people switched to this simple habit too?

The reduction in single-use plastic would be enormous, and it’s such an easy change to do, these simple cotton produce bags can be easily carried around in your handbag, backpack or even in the side pocket of your gym bag all the time, as they take literally no space at all, and you can always be sure to have them handy any time you need to nip into a shop!

Mesh Produce Bags

Reusable products are by far one of the most eco-friendly swaps we can all adopt, even when we have a busy life. We all have to go to supermarkets to buy fruit and vegetables, and there is nothing easier than using mesh vegetable bags

Instead of the plastic ones given out by stores.

They come in different sizes so you can always make sure to have the best size for what you need:

  • Small veggie bag: perfect for smaller products, such as mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes or even just a handful of carrots and asparagus. They re also the perfect cotton reusable bag for your daily croissant or doughnut from your bakery.
  • Medium fruit net bag: ideal for bigger quantities of vegetables and fruit, it can fit your usual shopping of apples, bananas, peppers, courgettes and much much more.
  •  Largecotton mesh bag: if you need to buy a lot of produce, or need to get potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage and pineapples, this is the size for you.
  •  Set of 3 cotton mesh produce bags: 3 bags in one, to make sure you have the perfect sized bag for all your needs! Check the range on Earthbits!


Reusable Cotton Produce Bags

If you are not too keen on cotton mesh bags and you prefer a more traditional style, our organic produce bags are just what you need.

Available in 2 sizes and 2 classy colours, blue and grey, they are the ultimate solution, whether you are looking forbread bags for homemade bread, or vintage-looking reusable cotton produce bags.