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Sope on a Rope - Eco-Friendly, SLS Free, Natural Ingredients

Soap on a rope is a bar of soap with a water-resistant rope, usually made of waxed cotton or hemp, looped into it.

It helps you hold onto the bar of soap (useful if you often drop it), and it's also great for hanging soap up, which makes it last longer and keep it free from bacteria.

Shop our wide selection of naturally fragranced soaps on a rope, including lemon, cedarwood, citrus, lavender and more.

Soap on a rope was first introduced in the 1940s, but they're now making a comeback (and rightfully so). Seeing rope on your soap does take getting used to but once you find out its benefits, you'll soon realise that it's a stroke of genius.

Benefits of Soap on a Rope

No more slipping away

Don’t you just hate it when a soap bar slides out of your fingers and you have to bend over to pick it up from the wet bathroom floor? Not anymore. With soap on a rope, you just have to loop it around your wrist so it stays secure while you're lathering away.

Safe for everyone

Did you know that every year, about 235,000 people over 15 years old are rushed to the emergency room because of bathroom accidents? Worse, 14% of them end up being hospitalised. This makes soap on a rope ideal for anyone with a mobility problem. Because you can secure the soap to your wrist, you no longer have to worry about having to bend and pick up a fallen soap from the dangerous and slippery bathroom floor. 

Long-lasting soap

Bar soap lasts around four to six weeks but keeping it dry in between washes lengthens this even more. So after your refreshing bath, just hang your soap on a rope on a hook immediately to keep it dry. 

Cost-effective soap bar

A long-lasting soap bar means savings because you buy less soap in the long run. Plus, your trips to the grocery store are also reduced. Tiny changes but they add up.

Less cleaning

Hanging the soap on a rope means there’d be no gunk in the soap dish. You may not even need a soap dish at all! That means less time and resources spent on cleaning the bathroom and on cleaning products. Best of all, you have more time doing what you love.

Soap that is good for sensitive skin

The soap on rope brands we carry at Earthbits are vegan and made from the finest natural ingredients, making them ideal for the most sensitive skin. They have no parabens, SLS, and artificial fragrances. Our soaps on a rope are made with essential oils which not only give off a fresh and sweet smell but also have therapeutic benefits.

Plastic-free soap

You don't need to worry about plastic waste because our soaps on a rope are packed minimally in recycled and compostable paper. Even the rope is fully compostable too! It also has a lower carbon footprint and water consumption vs. liquid soap.

Get your soap on a rope now!

Soap on a rope sounds great, right? They make bath times eco-friendly, easier, and safer especially for grannies. Plus, they're made with the best natural ingredients so even the most sensitive skin can use them.

Check out our soap on a rope collection and say goodbye to wasted soaps!

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