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Shaving Soap

Vegan Shaving Soap that is Plastic Free and Handmade

 Discover our range of shaving soap bars, we have put together a great shaving soap bar collection with the best vegan shaving soap that are made with natural ingredients, plastic free and free from parabens and SLS. Using a shaving soap to create a nice shaving lather is the best way to prevent a shaving rash when using a razor.

All the shaving soaps we stock on the site are designed to be used with any type of shaving razor, including safety razor as they allow shaving blades to slide easily on the skin, avoiding the risk of cuts, rashes and skin damage. Our shaving soaps are very gentle on the skin and ideal for any skin type, including sensitive and delicate skins. Make sure you check our guide on how to use a safety razor for more tips on eco shaving!

Vegan Shaving Soap that is natural and gentle on the skin

Shaving can be a very wasteful activity. The whole industry is completely obsessed with plastic or chemically packed products. Here at Earthbits we only stock vegan shaving soaps that are kind to the planet, as they come with minimal packaging that is completely recyclable and compostable, for a plastic free shaving experience.

The benefits of a vegan shaving soap

1. All our shaving soaps are gender neutral, they can be used by men and women and can be used to shave even on sensitive areas of the body, such as shaving facial airs, armpits or even to achieve a Brazilian shave at home the eco way.

2. When using any type of shaving tool, the skin is at higher risk of inflammation and irritation. This is because by removing hair, a thin layer of skin is also scraped by the shaving blades. The hair follicles are also pulled by the gliding of the razor, which can cause them to become inflamed and reddened. Because of this, using a natural vegan shaving product can actually help calming and soothing the skin. Most commercially made shaving creams and lotions are packed with harsh chemicals that can actually irritate even more the exposed skin areas, so using a natural gentle shaving soap can avoid skin reactions and shaving rash.

3.  It is very important to always use a shaving soap when removing body hairs. Vegan shaving soaps rich in natural ingredients, like aloe vera and coconut oil are very nourishing for the skin and are great at creating a nice foamy lather so that the shaving blades can glide effortlessly on each inch of skin. Olive oil soap is also great for shaving. This is because the high percentage of olive oil contained in the shavings soap will soften the skin while also moisturise the outer layer of the epidermis and work as a foamy shaving cream all at the same time.

4. Using a shaving soap will dramatically reduce the risk of cuts and irritation to the skin and provide relief and a soothing sensation for an eco friendly after shave experience.

5. Using a vegan shaving soap such as the shea butter one we stock on the site is also great at achieving a clean shave for a zero waste shaving experience!

How to use shaving soap

1. When used after a hot shower, the gentle and natural ingredients contained in a vegan shaving soap will help soften the skin, open up the pores and allowing a much smoother shave, which will also avoid shaving cuts and bruising.

2. There are different ways to use a shaving soap, you can either lather the bar between your hands and apply the foam generated directly onto the area that you want to shave, or you can wet the bar with water, create some lather on the bar and run the shaving bar directly on the skin. I personally prefer to create a nice foam between my hands as it is easier to distribute and make sure the whole area is covered and protected.

3. Once done, remember to keep your shaving soap on a soap dishes or dish box for drying, that will increase its longevity!

Add a vegan shaving soap to your shaving routine, it is easy, safe and kind to both your skin and the planet!