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Natural Shampoo & Soap - eco friendly, vegan, organic that smell fresh

One of the simplest steps to get started on cutting down on plastic and waste: solid shampoo and soap bars. All vegan, organic and 100% palm oil-free.

Shampoo and Soap Bars - Natural Vegan Skin Products for a Better Planet

Having a shower or a bath. Such a mundane action that millions of people take every minute all around the world. Yet if you have ever walked down a supermarket aisle looking for a shampoo or a body wash, I am sure you will have noticed one thing straight away: they all (or almost all) come packaged in plastic. Plastic shampoo bottles, conditioner in plastic, shower gels in plastic's really hard to escape the plastic curse when it comes to body and hair products. 

And even when soap bars are on offer, they are usually still wrapped in plastic, and generally packed with chemicals and unnatural ingredients.

This is why at EarthBits we have done all the research for you! We stock a wide range of natural soaps and organic shampoo bars, plastic-free and made with natural ingredients.

Plastic-free shampoo

The best shampoo bars in our opinion are the ones made only with natural organic ingredients. From lavender to aloe vera shampoo, from fenugreek or rosemary for dry hair to rosemary shampoo and even coconut milk, the variety is endless. 

We also stock 2 in 1 natural shampoo and conditioner bars, that don't need any transition phase nor require a hair rinse with apple cider vinegar or any other vinegar hair rinse after shampoo, specially designed for those who have tried shampoo bars and struggled with them or didn't have enough time and patience to adjust to these new products.

Our solid conditioners are long-lasting and handmade in the UK, and are perfect to give your hair shine and softness after every wash.

Natural soap bar anyone?

The easiest and perhaps most achievable swap to a plastic-free life is to ditch handsoaps and body wash that comes in plastic bottles and bring back to life the always fashionable soap bars.

From exfoliating soap to soap for sensitive skin, we have a wide range of the best soap bars that are handmade and produced in the UK by amazing sustainable businesses.

We have normal soaps as well as the handy soap on a rope range, with a practical drawstring for hanging them in the shower and avoid any waste.

Discover one of our beautiful scented soaps, perfect for yourself, your children or even a great present for any kind of occasion!


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