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Kutis Natural Deodorants and Skincare

Kutis is one of our most trusted ethical makers. Actually spelt Ku.tis, this natural skincare brand is the creation of Kate and team offering their amazing eco-products and kutis natural deodorant is by far one of our most popular products! Their natural deodorants made in the UK come are deodorant sticks and come in both vegan and non-vegan options (the non-vegan one is suitable for vegetarians and it is made with organic beeswax). But they also offer plastic free skincare products such as organic body butters, natural face oil and natural lip balms. All Ku tis products are plastic free, sustainable and handmade in UK, in Wales.

Kutis: Natural Deodorants and Lip Balms Made in the UK

 Kutis offers some of the best natural deodorants in the UK. They make their natural deodorant sticks in the Welsh countryside using only preservative free ingredients. 

But deodorant sticks are only one of the many eco friendly products Kutis offers, they have a wide range of other products such as organic face serum, natural lip balms and organic body butters and plastic free washing grains.

Kutis Natural Deodorants

Kutis Natural deodorants are made in the UK, in Wales, using only natural and local ingredients. Kutis offers a collection of vegan deodorants, made with sunflower wax, perfect for those who are committed to a plant based lifestyle; they also offer deodorant sticks made with organic certified beeswax suitable for vegetarians. All their deodorant sticks are plastic free and come in a cardboard stick that can be composted and recycled. Kutis deodorants are made with natural ingredients such as bicarbonate of soda, arrowroot powder and coconut oil and will keep you fresh and smelling great all day long.

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Kutis Natural Lip Balms

Kutis lip balms are made with organic and locally sourced certified beeswax. Beeswax lip balms are incredibly moisturising and nourishing and are the best solution for chaffed, dry, sensitive and cracked lips. These beeswax lip balms can be used to protect lips from wind, cold temperatures and also offer sun protection on hot summer days. This is because the skin on our lips is particularly delicate so the extra layer of protection that these beeswax lip balms offer can shield your lips from all these damaging agents.

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Kutis Facial Serums

Organic face oil is a godsend for the skin, and kutis face serums are made with organic ingredients and are designed to protect the skin's natural health. Another benefit of using facial oil is that they can give your skin a smooth, soft appearance as soon as they are applied on clean and dry skin. Kutis facial oils come in two variations: Radiance Face serum is suited for dry, tired and mature skin types; Restorative Face Oil is designed for normal to oily skin types and skin that is prone to acne, spots and outbreaks. 

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Kutis Organic Body Butters

Kutis whiped body butters are made with organic shea butter and coconut oil, and they come in 2 scents: vanilla body butter enriched with rose, and mandarin and bergamot whipped body butter. The difference between body butter and a normal body moisturiser is that body butter has a formula much richer in nourishing oils which gives it a thicker consistency. If you are looking for a deeply moisturising cream that is also very hydrating for the skin, this is a great product for you!

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Kutis Organic Face Scrub Grains

Kutis washing grains are the best option if you want a gentle facial scrub without microbeads. These washing grains are rich in bentonite clay, and they a great vegan and plastic free face scrub solution for gently exfoliating your face skin!

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