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Georganics and fluoride free toothpaste

Discover our range of Georganics products:  natural toothpaste that is vegan and plastic free; eco-friendly dental floss; sustainable mouthwash tablets and environmentally friendly liquid mouthwash; wooden toothbrushes and plastic free whitening powders. Georganics eco friendly oral products all come in reusable and recyclable packaging for a zero waste dental routine.

Georganics: from fluoride free toothpaste to biodegradable dental floss

Georganics is without doubt the best UK brand making plastic free dental care products that are natural and vegan. They offer a wide selection of oral care eco products, and in a market that is completely packed with plastic, they are a breath of fresh air as all their packaging is not only reusable, but also biodegradable and or compostable. Here at EarthBits we stock a wide range of Georganics products, let's check them out:

Fluoride free toothpaste that is plastic free

Georganics Fluoride Free ToothPaste is a great alternative to plastic tubes: this amazing eco friendly toothpaste comes with reusable and recyclable glass jars with aluminium caps. This Fluoride Free Toothpaste is available in different flavours, all made with natural ingredients and free from nasties: tea tree, spearmint, English peppermint and activated charcoal. Natural toothpaste is just as good for gum health as fluoride toothpaste, so are you ready to make the switch?

Discover our Georganics Fluoride Free toothpaste here

Biodegradable Floss that is vegan and cruelty free

Are you looking for a floss that is not made of plastic? Georganics biodegradable floss is made with corn-based PLA and vegetable wax. It is available in 2 flavours: activated charcoal and spearmint. Flossing is so important, as it is a great way of reducing plaque and maintaining gum health, and now we can all swap to biodegradable floss that is plastic free, what's not to love?

Discover our Georganics Biodegradable Floss here