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Bicarb Free Deodorants

Discover our range of bicarbonate free deodorants that are vegan, eco friendly, cruelty free and suitable for sensitive skins. If you are sensitive to bicarbonate of soda, try one of our much gentler natural deodorants available on Earthbits.com!


Deodorants for sensitive skins

We have been waiting to create a collection of deodorants for those who struggle with deodorants with Bicarb in it for quite some time, and so excited that our brand new range is finally available on the site!

Bicarbonate of soda is not harmful at all and most people do not have any issues with it, however as bicarbonate of soda is very alkaline, those who have very acidic sweat may react to it.

We are now stocking a whole collection of bicarbonate free deodorants from some amazing sustainable brands:

-THE NATURAL DEODORANT COMPANY: These deodorant creams are made using a combination of kaolin clay and arrowroot powder instead, which is much gentler for a deodorant without rashes and irritations. They come in reusable and recyclable glass jars and metal cap, available in 3 scents: TANGERINE / LAVENDER /UNSCENTED

 - FRUU DEODORANT BALMS: This PH-balanced eco-friendly cream deodorant is made using a majority of ingredients produced as a by-product of processed fruit waste, which generates vital extra revenue for small fruit farmers. Food waste is one of the biggest threats to climate change so this deodorant is a great way to stop wasting fantastic yet aesthetically imperfect produce to be thrown away. Packed in recyclable aluminium tubes, it’s available in 4 scents: BERGAMOT AND NEROLI / GRAPEFRUIT AND JUNIPER BERRY/ ORANGE / LEMON AND VERBENA

- AWAKE ORGANICS DEODORANTS: Made with a unique formulation of natural prebiotics, probiotics and nourishing oils, this deodorant from Awake Organics is designed to support your skin’s own good smelling bacteria in outcompeting the BO causing ones, leaving you with a lasting freshness all throughout the day. Available in unscented and gently scented creams.