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Eco-Fact 101: Appliances consume energy even when they are turned off.

In our modern age, our lives are completely filled with devices we use daily, the most frequently used being computers,  laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. 

We all want to be connected at all times and in order to do so, all these products need to be constantly charged. This results in millions of chargers all around the world being left plugged into the wall even when not used. Have you ever just left your phone charger plugged into the socket, leaving it there for any time you need to give some new power to your smartphone? 

When this happens, chargers suck power from the wall socket, even when there are no devices connected. You may think that this amount is quite little in the big scheme of things, but imagine how much accumulated energy is wasted all around the world every year, just because of this simple habit we are all guilty of? 

The amount of energy we all consume, actively and passively, has a great effect on our environment. Although we do need to consume power every day to keep our commodities working properly and functionally, there is no reason not to be more mindful and avoid wasting energy when it's not necessary. Everything definitely adds up. Another common way to lose energy is to leave a device plugged into a charger after it has already been fully loaded. This simple action can use up to ten times more passive energy, without creating any real benefit.

Let's all try and be less wasteful, next time you finish charging your phone or laptop, don't forget to unplug the charger too, until next time you need it!

Appliances consume energy even when switched off