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How to care for your bamboo soap dish

I love bamboo soap dishes, we use them both in the bathroom for solid soaps and shampoo bars, and by the kitchen sink to hold our beloved solid dish washing soap bar.

As you know we are all about zero waste, which means once we get something in the house we always try to take good care of it so it lasts as long as possible, before it’s time to say bye and land into our back garden compost.

So what’s the best way to make a bamboo soap last as long as possible?

Here are our best tips to care for your bamboo soap dish

1. Don’t let it sit in a puddle of water, otherwise it will start absorbing the moist and get damaged. If you use it in the shower, keep it away from the water jet stream and when you are done washing yourself, just give it a good shake to make sure any excess water is let out. 


Coconut soap dish


2. Every few days, gently rinse it with water and thoroughly dry with a cotton cloth, to get rid of extra soap or shampoo residues. You can leave it to dry completely for a couple hours to make sure no moist is absorbed for best results. This will avoid any mould to be formed on any part of the bamboo soap dish.


Bamboo Soap Dish


3. As bamboo is a natural type of wood, it benefits from occasional oiling such as light olive oil or sunflower oil, to restore its natural colour and health. This will not only give it a layer of protection, but it will also nourish and hydrate the natural material of your bamboo soap dish, which in turn will give it longevity!


wooden Soap Dish


4. Always clean your wooden soap dish with soft towels or cloths, and avoid abrasive sponges. You can also use a cellulose sponge if you’d like, just make sure you only use the soft material as otherwise you will be damaging both the natural wood and the water based paint that protects the bamboo soap dish out layer.


Travel Soap Box


5. Although bamboo is naturally antibacterial, it’s always a good idea to disinfect your bamboo soap dish periodically using a cloth soaked with white vinegar and water. Another solution is to also sprinkle some baking soda on top of your soap dish and scrub very gently. Allow the mixture to sit for 5 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a clean cotton towel.


Plastic free Soap Dish


6. If you use all these precautions you will be able to enjoy your bamboo soap dish for a very long time, however as these are made of natural materials, there will come a time to say goodbye to your bamboo soap dish. As these soap dishes are not only plastic free but also 100% compostable, you can simply pop your old soap dish in the compost. Remember not to throw it away in the general waste bin, this way you will keep waste away from landfills and help the planet!


Wooden Soap Dishes

Have you tried a bamboo soap dish? We have them in many different styles on the site, discover the one you like the most and save your shampoo and soap bars from wasting away once and for all, the eco-way!

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