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How to use a natural conditioner bar

If you currently use conditioner in your hair when you wash it, you should consider a silicone free conditioner, especially one made in the UK.

Choosing locally made products from the UK are a great way to support the local economy, small sustainable UK beauty brands. Small ethical makers tend to use natural ingredients to make organic beauty products rather than lab made synthetic ones.

So why is a conditioner bar a great idea?  A solid conditioner usually comes without any plastic packaging, so it is great if you want your natural hair conditioner to also be plastic free.

The two biggest benefits of switching to a hair conditioner bar include the fact that you get rid of the plastic bottle (yay for eco-friendly!) and it's also incredibly handy to travel with. It can be put into a tin or box, and it can also go in your carry-on bag when you jump on a plane.

The best thing about a hair conditioner bar is that you can use it no matter what your hair type may be!

How to use A Conditioner Bar for Dry or Damaged Hair


conditioner bar for dry hair


Always begin with wet and clean hair, but before you use the conditioner bar on your hair remember that it may not lather up like a shampoo bar. That's totally normal and doesn't mean your natural conditioner bar is working less effectively, quite the contrary.

Rub the solid conditioner bar down your hair shaft, massage it in and leave it for a few minutes so it can be absorbed and condition your hair. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water - hot water tends to make your hair less shiny - and you'll have smooth, soft hair as a result!

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How to use A Conditioner Bar for Oily Hair


natural conditioner bar for oily hair


Most people think if you have oily and greasy hair you should not use a conditioner. The truth is, hair ends still need moisturising because they usually tend to dry out in a way roots don't. So if you have oily hair and want to swap to natural plastic free conditioner bars, the best way to use them is to condition the ends and not the roots.

This way your natural conditioner will moisturise your ends, nurture and avoid any split ends and detangle your hair, without adding any extra oilyness to your roots. 

It can make oily hair more manageable, too. For oily hair, it can help to use your hair conditioner bar first before you shampoo, known as "reverse hair washing". Wet your hair and use the conditioner bar through the shaft of the hair and then shampoo afterwards.

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How to use A Conditioner Bar for Normal Hair

natural conditioner bar for normal hair

For normal hair, you wash your hair as usual and then use the hair conditioner bar afterwards. You don't have to wait any length of time for a rinse, either.

It's always good to add a natural conditioner to your washing hair routine because every hair type needs some love and moisturising, and solid conditioners packed with natural oils and ingredients can really help maintain healthy silky hair and prevent damage and split ends.

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Your Hair Conditioner Bar could change your hair washing game. Choose one that is a plastic free conditioner and be kind to Mother Earth while you rinse!

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