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Top 10 Sustainable Kitchen Cleaning Products

It's finally here! Spring is just around the corner and it's time for some spring eco-cleaning so get ready to ditch plastic spray bottles with cleaning detergents in it and swap to environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

Since we founded EarthBits our of our own journey to live more sustainably and low waste, our mission has always been to make cleaning eco-products as affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

When we started changing our habits, we found that the general perception of eco-friendly products is that they are a luxury, and can be quite elitist sometimes. This is why we have designed a list of the best eco friendly kitchen cleaning products that are plastic free, compostable and that won't cost the Earth - literally!

1. Cleaning Brushes

This eco friendly cleaning brush set is made of one compostable bottle brush, two pan cleaning brushes and a small wooden pot brush. All these kitchen brushes are made with natural, biodegradable and non toxic materials. 

kitchen cleaning brush set


2. Glass Spray Bottles for Cleaning

Plastic spray bottles are the most common way of packaging cleaning products from the vast majority of cleaning brands. But what if we all swapped to reusable spray bottles instead?

Using a glass spray bottle is a fantastic way to cut down of all those plastic spray bottles that are such a big polluting problem in the UK, just like everywhere else in the world. And you cal also use your refillable spray bottle to make your own DIY natural cleaning products!

glass spray bottles for cleaning


3. Washing up eco sponge

Who says that a washing up sponge has to be boring? This eco-friendly sponge for washing dishes is made with certified GOTS cotton and hessian and super cute prints, you can choose between 4 patterns including pink dinosaur,  green cactus, yellow bees and blue clouds.

The hessian side is perfect to remove toughest stains and it is the equivalent of a green scrubbing plastic sponge, without the plastic.


plastic free eco sponge


4. Washing up soap bar

Marseille soap is an amazing way of washing up your dishes the eco-friendly way.

This olive oil soap is made using 70% natural vegetable oils to remove grease and dirt from pots and pans the eco way. It can also be grated or bought in soap flakes to make a natural washing up liquid.

washing up soap

5.  Cleaning sachets

Iron and Velvet is our favourite maker for household cleaning products in the UK. The refillable sachets they pack their vegan cleaning products are soluble in water and can simply be added to a reusable spray bottle.

The plastic refill bag will dissolve in water offering some of the best non toxic cleaning products available in the UK. They offer kitchen cleaning products, bathroom cleaning products, floor cleaning sachets, oven cleaning natural solution and glass cleaning products. 


iron and velvet refills for cleaning products

6. Dish sponge made with compostable cellulose 

One of the big problems with plastic sponges is that they are very hard to recycle. They are usually made of many different types of plastic, sometimes even different types of layers of different plastics, so their destiny is  far away from the recycling bin.Quite a tragic fate for a cleaning product that gets changed every month or so.

Choosing a biodegradable dish sponge not only means you are buying a plant based sponge, but these yellow dish sponges can also be used for cleaning counter, cooker, oven, and even the bathroom!


washing up sponge

7. Loofah Kitchen Sponge 

Just like the eco-friendly sponges above, cellulose sponges are a great plastic free cleaning product. These kitchen sponges are made with repurposed wood fibres and loofah layers, and they can be used both as a washing up plastic free scourer, or to clean surfaces the eco friendly way.

And when they are all used up, all you need to do it to cut them in small pieces with a pair of scissors and put them in the compost bin together with your veggie scraps and used pizza boxes!

kitchen eco sponge made with loofah


8. Reusable Unpaper Towels

Reusable Kitchen Towel is one of my favourite kitchen cleaning products: it is so easy to use, and although it does not replace plastic, it does stop waste. Let's remember that disposable kitchen towel is still made with cotton, a material that needs a lot of water to grow, so using it for a moment and then throw it away is a terrible wasting action.

Using cotton cloths instead, such as these cotton towels, will save water, cotton and your money in the long run!


unpaper kitchen towels



What is your favourite eco friendly kitchen product from this list? And is there one you are planning to introduce next to make your kitchen a plastic free one?

Happy Spring Cleaning the eco-friendly and plastic free way!

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