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Maker of the Month: The Natural Spa

Welcome to our "Maker of the Month" blog series!

Every month we sit down for a chat with one of our inspiring and amazing eco-makers, whose sustainable products we feature on our site.

We are so proud of working with such amazing businesses, we set the bar really high when it comes to what we expect from products before we decide to stock them on our EarthBits Online Store, and all these companies' values and core practises are an absolutely perfect fit for us!

Natural Soap on Rope


Zoe @The Natural Spa


- Hello Zoe, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. We absolutely love your handmade and vegan products, from your soaps on a rope to the amazing bath bombs. Tell us a bit about yourself!

- I’m 22 and currently live near Exeter in Devon, I am an animal lover and currently, we share our home with a rescue Syrian hamster called Rolo. I also like cooking, creating and exploring the local countryside.

 - How did “The Natural Spa” get started?

- I have always had a love for handmade cosmetics taking part in a few courses in my mid-teens. I was leaving my previous job as a professional pastry chef and so wanted to have a change of scene but also be creative. I opened the Naural Spa in 2016 aged 18 and originally began with a basic range of 8 soap bars.

- What’s the most challenging thing about running a sustainable business in your opinion?

- Making sure I am always staying true to being a sustainable business and setting a good example. This means having bi-weekly checkups to make sure I am wasting as little as possible and find out how I can make my business have the best eco-conscious output it can.

- Describe “The Natural Spa” in 3 words!

- Eco-Conscious, Ethical, Quality-Products

 - What are the ingredients you simply cannot do without and why?

If I had to pick two it would be clay as it is very universal and has so many amazing properties. The clay I use most is Kaolin. Secondly, it would be essential oils, I use a large collection of essentials oils that I use to create my blends. I love seeing peoples reaction when they find the smell that's perfect for them.

- Can you tell us what sustainability practices are at the heart of The Natural Spa?

- We use ingredients from a sustainable source to ensure we are not contributing to any unethical practices. 

We create as little waste as possible, whether it is creating a circular program with our suppliers or selling our seconds for a heavily reduced price. 

 We pay our staff above the living wage

We plant trees for our customers

We accept packaging and supplies from our local customers to be reused or recycled appropriately.

-How do you keep things fresh when coming up with new products ideas?

- I love to get feedback from my customers which helps me to ensure my products are what people want. This also helps me to see gaps in any of my ranges or the opportunity for a new product. I also can’t resist purchasing any new samples of essential oils my suppliers stock to make sure I am adding all-new scents to my range.

- What’s next for The Natural Spa?

- There is lots coming up for The Natural Spa, firstly we are currently in the process of moving to a new unit to help us upscale production and create more products. We are also working on creating our own circular system with our jars that hold our scrubs and soaks. Blogs are also something to look out for in 2020 and of course lots new product scents and products ranges.

-What is your best eco-friendly beauty tip for 2020?

-Simple is the way to go, towards the end of 2019 I decided to ditch the makeup and strip back my daily routine. Now all I do is wash my face morning and night, lip balm and a light moisturiser or Aloe Vera gel, and my skin has never been better.

Thank you so much for chatting with us!


**The Natural Spa is a wonderful UK company committed to offering products that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, as well as free from any chemicals and preservatives. They make their lovely handmade soaps in Devon, in small batches to ensure each one of their product is up to the highest quality standards.**

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