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Sweet Mandarin Vegan Lip Balm, 10g, Valley Mist

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KEEP YOUR LIPS HYDRATED AND NOURISHED: Nobody likes to have dry or cracked lips. These can be painful and very uncomfortable. Valley Mist lip balms are made using soy wax, that help to keep moisture and prevent your lips from drying out as the season changes.

REDUCE YOUR IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT: With so many lip balms being made with plastic packaging, we decided to try to take a different route. We wanted to source a lip balm that was completely plastic-free, and which materials could be recycled or composted at the end of its lifespan. So no more needing to worry about the impact your lip balm might have when you are done with it!

GREAT IF YOU ARE VEGAN: A lot of eco-friendly lip balms have beeswax as a main ingredient, which makes them unsuitable for vegans. Since vegans get chapped lips too, we are so pleased to stock a fully vegan lip balm, Soy wax can help to seal in the moisture, and make your lips hydrated and soft.

PROVIDE A DONATION WITH EVERY PURCHASE: We like to put our money where our mouth is, and work with many eco-conscious companies to help make the world a better place. We love that every time we source a product from Valley Mist, they donate 8.5% of every lip balm purchase to environmental charities.


Being vegan is a great way to live more ethically, as well as sustainable, and this lip balm is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid animal products while at the same time caring for their dry or chaffed lips!

  • Made with sourced sustainable soy wax
  • Sustainable and zero waste packaging
  • 100% plastic free
  • Free from parabens & petroleum-based compounds.
  • Contains great oils for nourishment and texture, like cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and organic sunflower oil.
  • No added flavours
  • Contains Red mandarin and Frankincense essential oils for scent 


Organic cocoa seed butter, organic soy wax, Calendula infused oil, organic sunflower oil and Jojoba oil. Red mandarin and Frankincense essential oils.


  • Apply a thin layer of lip balm on both your upper and bottom lips
  • You can also place the balm directly on your finger and then rub it on your lips
  • Great to rub over cuticles too to nourish your nails.
  • In very cold weather, simply warm up the container with your palms before using it, to soften up the balm. 


Product Packaging

Valley Mist Lip Balm comes in a fully recyclable cardboard container. No plastic at all!

EarthBits Packaging

All EarthBits packaging is 100% plastic-free and recyclable, using recycled or reused cardboard boxes or mailing bags, recycled/recycling paper and recyclable tape. Please re-use your packaged box should you need to send something else to a friend, family member or for your business, or as a storage box in the house. Upcycling is one of our favourite zero-waste habits here at EarthBits!


Valley Mist comes from the passion of Jo for a natural and holistic lifestyle. She started the company in 2017 with the main goal of offering other like-minded people natural, 100% chemical free products.

Jo believes that allowing our bodies to function in their natural, non-polluted environments is key to make a change to our health and our amazing planet. All Valley Mist products are handmade in the UK using natural ingredients.