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Face Mask Powder: Soothing, Hydration, and Enhance Skin Texture, Balmy

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WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA: Elevate gifting with our all vegan clay face mask - perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, and beyond!

CHOOSE YOUR CLAY FACE MASK FROM: ACTIVATED CHARCOAL / MATCHA GREEN TEA: Our skincare is vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free.

PLASTIC FREE CLAY FACE MASK POWDER: A natural, eco-friendly, and zero-waste spa experience at home. Our vegan ingredients cater ensuring a rejuvenating experience.

HANDMADE IN THE UK: These are made by hand in UK, and in small batches, so that everything is carefully cared for to ensure the highest quality.

2 DIFFERENT SCENTS TO CHOOSE YOUR FAVOURITE: Choose our ideal clay face mask experience, each offering a distinct approach to balancing, hydrating, and rejuvenating your skin.


All of our skincare is vegan, cruelty free and palm oil free. Because our face masks are in powdered form, there is no need for any additives or preservatives - only clean, natural beauty.

Experience our skincare routine with our eco-friendly face masks. Our Activated Charcoal Clay Mask works to balance oiliness and enhance skin texture, while the gentle Matcha Green Tea Clay Mask provides soothing hydration for tired, dull, or sensitized skin. Discover the inherent beauty of nature for a rejuvenated complexion.


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: Made exclusively with incredible natural ingredients, this powdered clay face mask will clean, refresh and revitalise stressed out or oily skin and reduce the appearance of redness.  

MATCHA GREEN TEA: Made exclusively with incredible natural ingredients, this powdered clay face mask will hydrate and calm stressed out skin in need of a bit of TLC.  


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: Recommended for people with oily skin types, prone to acne and redness.

MATCHA GREEN TEA: Recommended for people with normal, combination or dry skin types, and those with sensitive skin.


  • Mix one heaped tablespoon with a small amount of warm water to create a paste (we suggest adding one teaspoon at a time to get to the right consistency). 
  • Apply to the face (avoiding the eye area) and gently wipe off after 15 minutes. 
  • Approximately 12 applications per bottle.

Handmade by natural skincare artisans in Norfolk.



Your body produces natural oils (eg sebum) to keep your skin moisturised and elasticated.  But excess oils can lead to blocked pores, spots and acne.  Our activated charcoal clay face mask helps to maintain normal levels of oils in the skin and draw out impurities to reduce the appearance of spots and keep your skin looking clean and glowy all week long. 

Chia seeds, potato and seaweed extract meanwhile help keep your skin hydrated and leave it feeling silky and smooth.  

No hidden nasties, just all natural, effective ingredients designed to draw out impurities and leave your skin feeling refreshed and revitalised. 


Matcha green tea acts as a natural anti-oxidant, helping to gently cleanse the skin, whilst chia seeds, potato and seaweed extract add moisture back into the skin, making it feel clean and hydrated.

No hidden nasties, just all natural, effective ingredients designed to gently clean and soften your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth. 


    Product Packaging

    The Balmy products are packaged in recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging, with no single use plastic.

    EarthBits Packaging

    All EarthBits packaging is 100% plastic-free and recyclable, using recycled or reused cardboard boxes, recycled/recycling paper and recyclable tape. Whenever needed for labels, we use eco-friendly almond-based glue. Please re-use your packaged box should you need to send something else to a friend, family member or for your business, or as a storage box in the house. Upcycling is one of our favourite zero-waste habits here at EarthBits!


    I'm Rebecca, owner of Balmy. I started the business in 2021, with the aim of repositioning essential oils, aromatherapy & natural skincare as a contemporary and aspirational choice. Essential oils & natural ingredients have loads of amazing wellness benefits, but they're often associated with spas, hippies & wellness gurus. They're not seen as stylish and desirable in the way that products by the designer fragrance and skincare brands are.

    So I'm marrying a minimalist Scandi aesthetic, with gorgeous, high quality natural ingredients - and fragrances that are unique and contemporary too. I also have a really strong commitment to sustainability - all of our products are packaged in recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging, with no single use plastic. I source all of our ingredients and materials from supply chains which share my commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing.

    All of our products are handmade in small batches in the East of England and the Lake District by myself and other small artisan makers.


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