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Little Box of Calm, Coral & Moss

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WONDERFUL GIFT OR GIVEAWAYS: This enchanting gift set, infused with the delightful calming scent, is the ultimate present for a wide range of special occasions, including birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, and many more!

5 ITEMS IN A GIFT SET: ARTISAN SOAP / BATH SALTS / CLAY MASK / CALMING CRYSTALS / AROMATHERAPHY ROLLER / TEA LIGHTS: Elevate your gifting with these curated 5-item set, perfect for any occasion.

PLASTIC FREE GIFT SET: A natural, eco-friendly, and zero-waste spa experience at home. This organic ingredients cater ensuring a rejuvenating experience.

HANDMADE IN THE UK: This gift set is made by hand in Cornwall, UK, and in small batches, so that everything is carefully cared for to ensure the highest quality.

PLASTIC FREE GIFT SET: Pamper yourself with this Little Box of Calm Gift Set a celebration of little luxuries from Coral & Moss for your 'me time'


Using a deep intuition of ethically sourced ingredients (and a sprinkle of magic), they have developed this little box of calm. Overflowing with goddess quality goods, create your own evening bathing ritual. Allow yourself to stop & breathe.

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak" - Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

  • 100% Recyclable
  • FSC Certified
  • Plastic Free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Weight: 453.6 g (1 lb)
  • Made in UK


  • Artisan Soap - 1 Garden of Eden
  • Botanical Bath Salts 'Blushing Goddess & Mermaid Lagoon' - 2 x 50ml bottles
  • Calming Crystals - Set of 5 with descriptions
  • Lightly scented Tea Lights
  • Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roller 


    • 100% Organic Cotton Scarf
    • Seasonal Dried Flower Bundle
    • Tag with information of contents


    Product Packaging

    The postage boxes are FSC certified, as is the print paper, meaning they are sourced from a forest and supply chain that is man-aged responsibly. These are 100% recyclable. They reuse boxes and filling from their suppliers. The tissue paper, tape and stickers are also FSC certified, acid free and printed using soy based inks. All are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

    These beauty products are offered in glass bottles which come with a recyclable aluminium screw on cap. Simply add your previous pump or atomiser top to reuse for a more earth-friendly purchase.

    EarthBits Packaging

    All EarthBits packaging is 100% plastic-free and recyclable, using recycled or reused cardboard boxes, recycled/recycling paper and recyclable tape. Whenever needed for labels, we use eco-friendly almond-based glue. Please re-use your packaged box should you need to send something else to a friend, family member or for your business, or as a storage box in the house. Upcycling is one of our favourite zero-waste habits here at EarthBits!


    As a child filled with wonder, I was blessed with the gift of empathy. A genuine connection with the world around me, I now watch my children through the eyes of a mother, remembering the little girl I was (and more importantly, those who were dear to me) and knowing how these beautiful passing moments are fleeting and need to be captured, cherished.

    As an inventor, to create gifts that commemorate these simple and beautiful moments, whilst earning a living with the people around me I love, is beyond wildest dreams.

    It is an honour to run 'Coral & Moss' and watch it bloom.


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