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Hand Jam, Skin Repairing Cream, Soothing Hand Cream

We are rated 4.93/5

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A GREAT WAY TO TREAT CUTS AND BURNS: Accidents happen. Whether we are climbing, cooking, or just going about our lives, cuts and burns are liable to happen. This is why it is important to get treatment for these minor injuries. And you can do that with this soothing hand jam. Just apply it on a burn or cut, and feel the oils inside work their magic!

PROTECTS AGAINST FURTHER DAMAGE: Not only does this product help to treat your minor injuries, but it also protects the injury from getting worse. The last thing you want is to get an infection. Always wash off any skin damage or cuts with soap and water before adding this fantastic hand cream for nicer, soothing and protected skin.

ZERO-WASTE PACKAGING TO CUT BACK ON PLASTIC USE: Most skincare products are coated in plastic containers. But not this product! This hand jam is packaged in a paper package, allowing it to be recycled or composted at the end of its life. Now you do not have to worry about waste when wanting to treat injuries.

MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This product is made from Cera Alba, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and other oils, as well as Vitamin E. This makes it a natural product, much different to the synthetic cream version that you will find on any supermarket shelf. So now you can treat yourself without the fear of nasty unpronounceable chemicals.


Making sure that you treat cuts and burns with soap and water before applying anything else on is important, as you do not want to accidentally trap bacteria under the skin. So just a quick wash will help to prevent infection, and then you can soothe your hands with this lovely hand jam. This cream was originally created for the treatment of climbers hands, but it works wonders on any kind of wounds and damaged skin.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Soothes, repairs, and protects damaged skin
  • Has Vitamin E for extra nourishment
  • Feels great on treating cuts and burns.
  • Great for hands, lips and any other damaged or chaffed skin area
  • Plastic-free
  • Zero waste packaging, fully recyclable and or compostable
Weight: ~25g


    Cera alba, Olive oil, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Olive squalene, Calendula officinalis flower oil, Zea mays germ oil, Vitamin E, Cymbopogan nardus oil (citronela).


    • Apply generously on skin, especially on damaged/dry/cut areas.
    • Reapply when necessary, especially in very cold weather


    Product Packaging

    AmazinC! Hand Jam Cream comes in a fully recyclable cardboard container.

    EarthBits Packaging

    All EarthBits packaging is 100% plastic free and recyclable, using recycled or reused cardboard boxes and mailing bags, recycled/recycling paper and recyclable tape. Please re-use your packaged box should you need to send something else to a friend, family member or for your business, or as a storage box in the house. Upcycling is one of our favourite zero-waste habits here at EarthBits!


    Amazinc! was founded in 2015 by the vision of some surfing and snowboarding loving friends to create a natural sunblock that not only did its intended job but was also protective of both the skin and the environment. The goal of Amazinc! skincare is to offer a range of products that are 100% natural, healthy and high quality while protecting the planet and our beautiful natural world at the same time.


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